Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ Presents: Critter Chaos

March Madness has gone to the birds!

(and fish! and mammals! and reptiles! and…)

This year, CWF will be hosting a fun alternative (or compliment) to the NCAA basketball tournament, March Madness!

CWF staff got together and selected 40 species that spend some portion of their lives in New Jersey to compete against each other for the (soon-to-be) coveted CWF Darwin Award.

We ranked each species within 4 divisions (1) Shorebirds & Raptors, 2) Reptiles & Amphibians, 3) Mammals, 4) Grassland Birds & Invertebrates) based on predatory techniques, defense mechanisms, parenting style, hardiness- anything we felt would give them an edge in fictional combat.

You can use those rankings to decide who you think the most worthy contestant is or you can simply choose your favorite. We’ll be posting species info and battle outcomes on all our social media platforms throughout the month of March.

Ready to join the fray?

click here to download a bracket, schedule, and rule sheet