NJSACC now offers FREE as well as low-cost on-line professional development workshops that can be done from the comfort of your own home at collabornation.net. These trainings are designed to help afterschool professionals complete annual training requirements.

The afterschool trainings are based on materials written by national afterschool expert Roberta L. Newman. A vast selection of courses from, Exploring the Continuum of Developmental Tasks of School-Age Children from 5 to 12 to Director Level courses such as, Creating and Managing Budgets in School-Age Programs and more, will be available.

  • These trainings can be taken at any time, 24/7.
  • A review quiz is given at the end of each training.
  • A certificate is issued at the completion of each training course.
  • For those of you who need CEUs, CEUs are issued with each training.
  • Trainings are acceptable by the New Jersey Office of Licensing and the NJ Workforce Registry.
  • Cost is $15 per training.

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Positive Behavior Management

On the Road to Quality: Using NJ’s Quality Standards for Afterschool to Navigate Program Improvement

An Introduction to NJ’s Quality Standards for Afterschool

Behavior of youth in afterschool programs is often a concern for staff. Promoting self-discipline in the children and youth in our programs can be a balancing act, when needing to ensure youth and staff safety and in empowering youth to make good decisions and foster self-discipline skills. This training module titled “Positive Behavior Management… Promoting Self Discipline,” will focus on the promotion of self-discipline in the use of positive behavior management in youth. We will discuss the 6 essential elements to take into consideration when establishing or evaluating your behavior management approach; look at the impact of transitions in programming; developing effective programs rules and assessing the effectiveness of those rules and discussing the 3 types of consequences associated with rules broken by youth.

NOTE: Please deactivate any pop up blockers within your internet browser before launching this webinar.

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The New Jersey Quality Standards for Afterschool and the companion Self-Assessment Tool/Rating Form were specifically designed for New Jersey’s afterschool and out-of-school time practitioners in an effort to continuously improve and maintain a quality program. The Self-Assessment Tool/Rating Form assesses program performance in each of the seven (7) categories of the Quality Standards. This training module, titled “On the Road to Quality,” describes the layout and uses of the Self-Assessment Tool, the benefits of using a team approach, action planning for program improvement as well as additional resources and tools to aid you in your program assessment. This fun and informative webinar also includes text, videos, images, narration and a quiz to help you get on the road to quality!

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New Jersey’s Quality Standards for Afterschool (NJQSA) is an excellent resource available to afterschool and out-of-school time programs and staff for use in quality program improvement and self-evaluation. The NJQSA and the accompanying tools use state-licensing childcare regulations to establish and implement high-quality program implementation. This fun and informative webinar includes text, videos, images and narration to walk you through an introduction to New Jersey’s Quality Standard’s history, benefits and layout.

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