NJSACC: New Jersey’s Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Professional Network had its beginnings 40 years ago as a grassroots coalition made up of stakeholders in education, government, the business industry, not for profit, for profit, health and human services to improve the quality of the growing field of afterschool.

In 1993, NJSACC (New Jersey School-Age Child Care Coalition) became incorporated as a not for profit organization. NJSACC is a founding member of the National AfterSchool Association (NAA)  and currently serves as the state affiliate of NAA.

In 2007, NJSACC was selected to join the National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks funded by the Charles S. Mott Foundation.


Every youth and family in New Jersey has access to high-quality and sustainable out-of-school time programs.


To foster the growth, quality, and sustainability of out-of-school time providers, professionals, and organizations to expand access and opportunity for New Jersey's youth and families.


NJSACC's purpose is to address the challenges that the Out-of-School Time (OST) profession faces including equity, access, capacity, and connections towards creating a strong, valued profession benefitting youth, families, and communities.


Quality: we promote the consistent use of standards of practices across New Jersey.

Equity: we champion equity in OST programs across New Jersey to ensure access for all young people.

Professional Development: we develop and support the practice of learning for OST professionals.

Advocacy: we represent New Jersey’s OST communities at the state and national level influencing policies, securing resources, and raising awareness about the importance of OST.

NJSACC strives to contribute to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive New Jersey community through the following work:

  • Build and support a strong, professional  network for afterschool and out-of-school time providers, programs and professionals in New Jersey.
  • Provide professional development, conferences, workshops and resources to meet the needs of OST professionals and professional organizations.
  • Offer technical assistance, free or low cost, for the development, expansion and improvement of afterschool and OST programs throughout NJ. Technical assistance means that we are available to field questions, help OST programs and providers identify resources and activities, and provide guidance for continuous program quality. 
  • Work closely with state and local officials to define appropriate NJ State regulations and legislation.
  • Establish professional development opportunities.
  • Develop public awareness of afterschool issues.
NJSACC Founders Story

The audio recording below was provided by NJSACC: New Jersey’s Afterschool & Out-of-School-Time Professional Network. This is NJSACC’s Founders Story as told by Diane Genco, its co-founder and former Executive Director. Click on the play button below to listen.

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