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Starting a program: state and federal guidelines

Professional development opportunities for Afterschool/Out-of-School Time (AS/OST)

Mandated Health & Safety/Child Development/Mandated Reporting training

Employment opportunities (can programs post open positions in this space and then it’s duplicated for the “youth” hiring opportunities section?)

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Find programs near my home (can this be zip code-based like the Head Start model?)

  • Start Your Search for Child Care Near You

  • County Parks & Recreation Departments

  • NJSACC's 21st CCLC page (with grantees list)

    • Can 21st CCLC provide some kind of program locator

  • CCR&R’s Family Engagement Specialists

    • Food Insecurities

    • Developmental screenings (Infants to age 5 with Ages & Stages Questionnaire Screenings)

    • Child Development Concerns

    • SEL resources

    • Community Connections (Refugee and Immigrant Families)

    • Access to regional utility management resources

    • Provide connection to local Family Success Centers (e.g., resume development, job search, child rearing, community engagement opportunities, etc.)

  • Parental Advocacy (via FES, SPAN)

AS/OST Quality checklist (is there a parent-friendly checklist like we have for childcare?)

  • Grow NJ Kids - family can know what to look for in a quality afterschool program / show any indicators for what a quality program looks like

  • Family Questionnaire or Checklist - based on NJQSA / Licensing Indicators

  • Afterschool Programming - checklist

  • NJ Quality Standards - quality program checklist itself?

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Jobs/Careers in AS/OST

Hiring opportunities (can programs list in this section throughout the year?)