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Elevating Youth Voice and Choice: Mondays: 08/07/2023, 08/21/2023, 09/11/2023 3:00 – 5:00 pm EST/12:00 – 2:00 pm PST

How often do youth in your program get to choose what they’re investigating or designing, the materials they might use, and/or how they engage with the work? In this module, participants try out strategies for elevating youth voice and choice and apply the ideas as they redesign a STEM activity to incorporate a greater variety of youth input.

  • *The expectation is that you will be live at all three sessions and an active member of this coaching cohort.
  • Recordings are not available if you are unable to attend.
  • Completion of the Asking Purposeful Questions module is a prerequisite for this module.

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Going Back To School!

We hope Girls Build Solutions left you as inspired to continue with this journey with one another as it did us! You can access all the session resources and additional information here

We will take that momentum and rev up for the school year by focusing on opportunities and resources for Networks and partners to build the capacity of program providers around the four transformative programming areas: 1) Equity and Inclusion, 2) Engineering Mindset, 3) Role Models, Mentors and Families, and 4) STEM Handoffs and Transitions.

It’s back to school time friends and that means transitioning students into a new schedule to learn both in and outside of the classroom. Also, on Aug. 19th we celebrate #NationalAviationDay.

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