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Networks — Here is your February Moonshot Minute:

Exploring Engineering as a Career with Jobs for the Future March 13th 2:00-3:15 pm EST / 11:00-12:15 pm PST

  • Join Jobs for the Future (JFF) as they unpack Possible Futures, a no cost career exploration curriculum for learners in grades 6 through 10, consisting of six units that help learners: develop essential employability skills, explore STEM occupations, and better understand themselves and the world of work. In this webinar, participants will dive into the Engineering unit — a series of twelve lessons that help youth explore the role of engineering professionals as they tackle engineering challenges based on relevant, real-world problems. Participants will leave with everything you need to implement the lessons with youth: digital copy of the 12 lessons, facilitator guide, lesson materials, and youth worksheets.

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Check out The Million Girls Moonshot’s February Quality Trainings!

It’s February friends! Time for Valentine’s Day (2/14), Engineering Week (2/19-2/25), Black History Month and National Inventors Day (2/11). Engineers Week is a year-round commitment to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world. Whether you meet with students in-person or virtually, you can spark their interest by talking to them about engineering, doing STEM activities, and sharing your story.

Million Girls Moonshot monthly asset packages are curated to suit the needs of the Field — partners and program providers and staff. The following assets are categorized by: (1) no cost professional development, (2) no cost training on curriculum, (3) no cost activities, and (4) resources focused on the transformative programming areas.

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