Afterschool Providers: Partner with Schools In Your Community To Enter Steam Tank 2023-24

To enter-review the information below and complete the application by December 9th.

The STEAM Tank Challenge, created by the New Jersey School Boards Association, encourages education in STEAM – science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math – for New Jersey’s public-school students. The STEAM Tank Challenge is an opportunity for students to reimagine and redesign New Jersey to ensure our state is sustainable, healthy, equitable and a safe place for everyone to live, work and play.

STEAM Tank is open-ended to maximize student creativity. It helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will serve them in their future careers and everyday lives. The competition asks district teams to invent something new, modify an existing product, or identify a situation or real-world problem that needs resolution. The challenge includes an emphasis on sustainability and climate change.

Benefits of participating in the STEAM Tank Challenge:

  • Access to a comprehensive STEAM Tank Playbook, a “how-to” guide for STEAM Tank participation.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other teams, educators and subject matter experts in the STEAM Tank 365 Community.
  • The chance to schedule mentoring sessions with subject matter experts.
  • Opportunity to present in the STEAM Tank Regionals and Finals, and if chosen, receive prize money for your school or district.
  • Earn a STEAM Tank Digital Badge for your school.

Learn More:

  • To apply, click on this link. The submission deadline is Friday, December 9, 2022.
  • To learn more, please contact Jennifer Siehl, manager, STEAM Tank 365 Community, at
  • Do not miss this opportunity. Apply today!