The Million Girls Moonshot: March Quality Trainings and Transformative Practices

The Moonshot will be active in out-of-school programs in all 50 states, leveraging the Mott-funded 50 State Afterschool Network, which has access to more than 10 million youth and 100,000 afterschool programs across the country. Over the course of the new year NJSACC’s STEM Specialist Chris Jorn will bring you The Million Girl Moonshot monthly newsletter. Each month Chris will be rounding up accessible training opportunities, role models, and most importantly STEM activities for New Jersey’s after school community.

March marks the beginning of Women’s History month. What was originally known as “Women’s History Week” in 1982, has deservedly transformed over the years into an entire month aimed at recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women in our society, throughout history.

This month, the Million Girls Moonshot will pay tribute to the brilliant minds and contributions of female STEM leaders who have impacted not only their field, but the world around them in meaningful ways. In celebrating the lives of these women and Women’s History Month, we must realize that in order for our world to solve some of our biggest challenges — public health, climate change, and cybersecurity — we must remove barriers for girls and women in all STEM disciplines so they can truly thrive!

click here to download NJSACC’s Million Girls Moonshot March newsletter (PDF)

In this issue:

  • Incorporating Role Models
    • Don’t know where to start in the IF/THEN Collection? Here are some tools to help you!
    • Are you leading engineering activities in summer of 2022?
  • Featured Webinars
    • Webinar: The M in STEM: Math in Everyday Life
    • Webinar: The M in STEM: Making Math Meaningful
    • Role Models And Mentors as an Equity Strategy
    • Family Engagement as an Equity Strategy
  • Quality Trainings
    • April Cohort: Ready, Set, STEM! & Asking Purposeful Questions
    • April Cohort: Elevating Youth Voice and Choice
  • Additional Professional Development
    • Webinar March 24, 2022: Join the Discussion to Celebrate Women in STEM
    • Recording: The IF/THEN® Collection in Action… at Museums!
    • Equity and Inclusion
    • Toolkit: Women’s History Month | Managing American Spaces ( Resource Toolkit
    • Toolkit: Math Equity Toolkit
    • Engineering Mindsets – Math
    • Professional Development Guide: The National Center for Quality Afterschool – Math in Afterschool
    • Activity Toolkit: Growing Math
    • Families
    • Website: Math Communities
    • STEM Transitions, Handoffs, and Coordination
    • Toolkit: Brokering Youth Pathways: A Toolkit for Connecting Youth to Future Opportunity
  • March’s STEM Spotlight
    • Build a Tiny Dream Home
    • Code Along
    • Rebel Girls Activities
    • Women’s History Month
  • Activities for Programs
    • Activity Toolkit: STEM Educators Academy Activity Toolkit from ExpandED Schools
    • Student Activities: 30 Active Math and Activities for Kids Who Love to Move
    • Student Activities: 21 Cool Math Games and Activities for Kids in Elementary School
    • Student Activity: Smart Skies
    • Student Activity: Pi Day Fun!
  • Mizzen by Mott Moonshot Connection
    • Playlist: Helping the Planet for 3rd – 5th Grade at Home
    • Playlist: STEAM Activities for Middle School at Home
    • Module: Make it Move Invention Camp

click here to download NJSACC’s Million Girls Moonshot March newsletter (PDF)