CMSCE Spring Maker Series: April-May

Cost: $95/workshops for 4 hrs. sessions (10:00 am – 2:00 pm) or $49/workshop for 2 hr sessions (offered virtually)

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5th   Makerspace & STEM Safety (grades K-12)  (10am -2 pm)

Student safety is a primary concern for teachers as schools race to incorporate more hands-on projects across the curriculum, K-12, in response to standards requirements including NJ’s Design Thinking Standard (NJSLS 8.2) and the addition of Engineering to Earth/Space, Life and Physical Science (NGSS).  Additionally, “makerspaces” of varying shapes and sizes are quickly being adopted as a regular part of programming.  Whether you are an elementary teacher using hot glue guns with students for the first time, or you are a secondary teacher tasked with developing a safety/emergency plan for a new STEM course or robotics club, you want to ensure that you are following best practices for safety pedagogy and putting the necessary systems in place to protect you and your students. Personal Safety, Emergency/Lab Safety, and specific Tool/Machine Safety will be addressed in terms of curriculum, instruction and assessment, including demonstration lessons; and all participants will leave with a shared folder of turn-key resources that can be used in the classroom (e.g., safety contracts, sample assessments, and equipment lists)

Also offered virtually on 12th April (10am -2 pm)

13th  Introduction to Arduino (grades K-12) Only offered virtually (10 am – 12 pm)

Arduino is used for building electronics projects. It has a physical programmable circuit board or micro-controller.  Join us as we work through some fun Arduino projects where you will learn the anatomy of the Arduino and how to write and upload computer code.  The application projects will be for middle school or high school level students.

19th  Introduction to Design Thinking (grades K-12)  (10am -2 pm)

Design thinking is a way of thinking (philosophy, mindset) and working, as well as a collection of hands-on methods. Design Thinking is not an exclusive property of designers—all great innovators in literature, art, music, science, engineering, and business have practiced it. Whether you work in business, government, education, or nonprofit, design thinking can help you develop innovative solutions based on the needs of your customers and students. In this workshop you will learn about design thinking skills, habits of mind, ways of thinking, being reflective about how we think, and common language for design thinking in STEAM.   You will be immersed in hands-on-minds-on activities that will help you unlock your creative potential. The workshop will cover  Engineering Habits of Mind, Brainstorming, Engineering Notebooks, Sketching and Drawing, Assessing PBLs.

Also offered virtually on 26th April (10am -2 pm)

20th  Introduction to Makey Makey and Scratch (grades K-12) Only offered virtually (10 am – 12 pm)

Design your own musical instrument. Develop a physical prototype and infuse sound with scratch and Makey Makey technology. This project helps students to understand the virtual to physical connection.


4th  Turtle Art (grades K-5)  (10am -2 pm)

TurtleArt lets you make images with your computer. The Turtle follows a sequence of commands. You specify the sequence by snapping together puzzle like blocks. The blocks can tell the turtle to draw lines and arcs, draw in different colors, go to a specific place on the screen, etc. It was designed to be easy enough for children and yet powerful enough for people of all ages. TurtleArt is focused on making images while allowing you to explore geometry and programming.    

Also offered virtually on 9th May (4-6 pm)

4th   Introduction to CAD (fusion and/or TinkerCAD) (grades K-12) Only offered virtually (10 am – 12 pm)

Do you have a 3D printer and not sure what to do with it? Join us to learn how you can use CAD to make your own designs to be 3D printed. CAD is a critical maker skill, helping to build students 3D thinking capabilities.

9th Technology Integration  (grades K-12) Only offered virtually (4- 6 pm)

Want to understand how to integrate technology into your classroom. This workshop will walk you through the basics of what technology integration is all about and how to plan your curriculum with an infusion of technology. You will learn how to use and apply different apps into your lessons that will include games, virtual and blended learning, discussion and collaboration, and Google. This workshop is beneficial to any K-12 teacher wanting to build their technology knowledge.

11th   Paper Engineering (grades K-12)  (10am -2 pm)

Join us for a fun day of paper engineering.  Learn the core elements of “pop-up”- basic and advanced folds as well as design mechanisms (such as linkages, wheels, cams, and levers) with paper to make amazing “pop-up” art (moveable books).   

Also offered virtually on 25th May (10 am-12 pm)

18th  Introduction to Makerspaces (grades 9-12) @ Rutgers Makerspace  (10am -2 pm)

An in-person tour of the Rutgers Makerspace/what it’s used for/how it can be brought into a HS program. Does your school need help designing the vision  for makerspace ? Does your school have a makerspace but you have no idea how to use it?  This session will share all types of education makerspaces and the different roles they can play, various curricular options and different processes to consider.  This will be an opportunity for you to learn about the breadth and depth a makerspace can have.

24th  Introductory to Sewn Circuits (grades K-12)  (10am -2 pm)

Sewn circuits (or e-textiles) uses conductive thread, batteries, LEDs, and mini micro-controllers to make textiles light-up and blink.  This session will go from basics to advanced including: series and parallel circuits, switches, and microcontrollers. Join us to build your sewn circuit skills on a project or two such as: decorative pillow, clothing, belt, hair band, felt jewelry, etc).

31st Designing with Vinyl Cutter (grades K -12) @ Rutgers Makerspace  (10am -2 pm)

Desktop vinyl cutters are a great entry point for digital fabrication.  In this workshop, you will learn how to incorporate image and font resources into simple designs to a more complicated two layered design.  You will also work with different types of vinyl and create different projects from vinyl decals to small fabric projects with an image of your choice.

Also offered virtually on 27th April (10 am-2 pm)

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