We at NJSACC look forward to you joining us for training. However, if your schedule no longer permits you to do so, we ask that you please withdraw as soon as possible to open up space for others to register and to avoid being marked as a no show.  NJ Workforce Registry policy requires that after one (1) No-Show you receive a warning.  After a second occurrence of non-attendance at a training, you will be marked again as a No-Show. NJCCIS  will then place a temporary block on your account, blocking you from registering for additional training, until that hold is released.  While we understand that situations can occur that are beyond our control, we ask that you do your best to withdraw in a timely manner to avoid being temporarily blocked from future training opportunities.

In addition:

  • There will be a 15 minute grace period for logging into trainings. After 15 minutes, participants will no longer be allowed entry into the training
  • Participants must stay for the entire training to receive credit.

To learn more, please contact Jessica Heiberg at 908-789-0259 or via email