NJSACC's Communications Coordinator Shares His Afterschool Story!

Did you attend an afterschool program in your youth? Tell us what you did after school usually.

  • Growing up in essentially the middle of nowhere, Green Township NJ, there was not much of an afterschool program. My father owned an Excavation company while my mother did bookkeeping for a variety of businesses. All I can remember is staying home after school with my grandmother or neighbor Mrs. Franz. However, I did participate in an Out Of School program put together by our township and directed by my mother. The program was a summer recreation camp held for 3 weeks at the town school. As an artistic spirit I still have very fond memories of arts and crafts programs that helped lead me down the career path I have found myself on.

How were you introduced to NJSACC?

  • I was introduced to NJSACC through a friendship with Adam Cruz while they were looking for a new Communications Coordinator.

When did you start working at NJSACC?

  • 3/4/2024

Your title when you started?

  • Communications Coordinator

Your title now?

  • Communications Coordinator

In your view, why is afterschool important?

  • The hours children spend out of school is some of the most crucial time of their day for developing social and emotional skills. With how much information there is to teach during school hours there is little room for students to learn anything other than book smarts. Street smarts and people smarts are developed mostly outside of the school day. In my opinion learning how to read people and situations can sometimes bring more value than learning how to read what is in a text book.

In your view, why is NJSACC important?

  • The day to day operations of Afterschool and Out Of School programs take an incredible amount of time, effort and resources in order to operate optimally. NJSACC helps with this work load through guidance, knowledge, networking and so much more. This allows more time and effort for the Professionals working with children to focus on giving the best program they can for the communities they provide for.
More about Tim Conkling, Communications Coordinator

Tim Conkling is NJSACC’s Communications Coordinator, overseeing the infrastructure of our communications, website, and social media apparatus. Prior to joining NJSACC, Tim worked in a variety of capacities. His freelance career started in 2006 as a colorist for several comics and children’s books, including Veggie Tales. In 2011, after earning an associate degree and branching out to provide website design services, he formed Graphic Rehab as his personal creative brand.


Tim spent the next years working while earning a bachelor’s degree from Ramapo College in Communication Arts with a concentration in Visual Communication Design. He spent his time there developing practical skills and taking as many creative classes as possible.


In 2015, he began teaching his own painting classes and creating online instructional videos for participants. The Paint and Sip style to these classes attracted local communities and resulted in over 40 original paintings and demonstrations. His work in this regard led to a current part-time role teaching classes at a local studio.


In 2021, Tim taught himself how to program and run concert lighting equipment, photograph live music events, and develop his promotional art and design skills even further. Through continued experience and networking, Tim has earned a residency as Lighting Designer for The Homestead in Morristown, a beloved bar, restaurant, and live performance venue.


Tim resides in Long Valley with a blended family and their dog Lucky. His hobbies include snowboarding, exploring and the occasional juggling act.