NJSACC Announces the Diane Genco Excellence in OST Award - nominate by Mon Apr 10

Nominations accepted through April 10, 2024

Named for NJSACC’s visionary founding executive director, this award recognizes the critical role played by afterschool and out-of-school professionals

Diane Genco, founding Executive Director, along with a small loose knit coalition of like-minded professionals and stakeholders, created what is now known as NJSACC.

You can listen to the Founders Story here, told by Diane M. Genco, founding Executive Director of NJSACC.

Nominated by colleagues, the award will be given to a nominated Out-of-School Time (OST) Professional that exemplifies characteristics of professionalism and practice that meets (high quality standards) in the Afterschool and OST communities they serve.

Awardee must be able to attend the NJSACC Annual Conference on Saturday Apr 27, 2024 at 9:30 AM.  The awardees’ registration fee will be provided by NJSACC.

Nominees should have demonstrated commitment to excellence characterized by the statements listed in the Nomination Form.

Please contact Sarah Cruz, Director of Special Projects if you have any questions.