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State of School-Age Child Care | Summer 2023

Here is a quarterly update on new NCASE offerings, resources, and news from the School-Age Child Care field.

NCASE New Offerings

Using Data to Support Equity in Out-of-School Time Brief

  • This issue brief directs attention to the importance of representation of OST/school-age child care in data. This brief identifies data landscape scans, data mapping, and cost model estimation as practical strategies to analyze relevant information and identify needs for equitable results for OST/school-age child care programming. Examples from the District of Columbia, Michigan, and Mississippi are noted in this brief.

Using Data to Support Equity in Out-of-School Time Webinar

  • This webinar introduces a new NCASE brief designed to support CCDF lead agencies and partners in their collaborative work to expand equitable access to school-age child care for families using child care subsidies, and features presenters from Michigan and Mississippi, as well as a national organization.

Business Practices Tips for Out-of-School Time Child Care

  • This tip sheet provides ideas and resources to support sustainable, quality school-age care. Readers will gain a fundamental understanding of budgeting, marketing, and staffing business practices. Additionally, this tip sheet provides a resource that aids in writing survey questions that will accurately measure the opinions, experiences, and behaviors of the communities that providers serve.

Equitable Strategies to Support Recruitment, Retention, and Rejuvenation of a Strong OST Workforce

  • This brief provides information, research, and examples of equitable strategies to support recruitment, retention and rejuvenation of the out-of-school time (OST) workforce, a top concern for OST programs. Examples from California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin are noted in this brief.

Office of Child Care

Opportunities To Support the Mental Health and Well-Being of the Early Care and Education Workforce

  • The Office of Child Care, An Office of the Administration of Children and Families, provides information aligned with President Biden’s Executive Order on Increasing Access to High-Quality Care and Supporting Caregivers on Mental Health and Well-being of the Early Care and Education Workforce. It discusses strategies to support staff wellness, access to health care, etc.

Resource Library

  • The NCASE Resource Library is constantly updated with valuable resources from a variety of organizations. Please take the time to check out the 400+ curated resources, in topical areas like workforce support, equity, health and wellness, and summer learning.

From the Child Care and Education Field

Bold on Early Educator Compensation Learning Community 2022: Lessons from State Actions

  • This issue brief captures lessons learned from a learning community about early educator compensation in seven states (WA, IL, MA, NC, NM, VT, WI) sponsored by the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment. It explored how we can create sustainable strategies on compensation as the deadline for spending ARPA funds approaches. A three-page executive summary, State Actions on Early Educator Compensation, is also available.

CCDBG FY 2023 State-by-State Appropriations Distribution Estimates and Increases

  • The Center for Law and Policy has created this list of state-by-state increases for FY 2023 CCDBG appropriations. The Omnibus Bill includes $8 billion in total annual discretionary funds for CCDBG, which represents a 30 percent increase, providing an opportunity to respond to increased needs and to ensure that funding keeps pace with rising inflation.

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