Check out these wonderful mental health resources courtesy of Mizzen by Mott!

  • National Mental Health Month Resources: As a part of National Mental Health month, Mizzen is highlighting activities by the reDiscover Center, kid-grit, !mpact Players, and the National Wildlife Federation that will teach youth how to learn and build these skills to live a happy, healthy life! Visit this collection here.
  • Practitioner Resource: Navigating difficult conversations can stir up a variety of emotions at any age. As a program facilitator, it’s important to introduce and practice mindfulness and intentionality in all spaces. This ProTip from the Pulitzer Center gives ideas and practical applications to create a brave space in your program and team.
  • Podcast: Podcast we’re listening to: Parenting After Trauma – Even though the title includes the word parent, this podcast is a fantastic resource for professionals who serve children and youth! The host connects listeners with resources on how the brain works, co-regulation practices, and how to respond to young people’s behaviors in a way that creates healing.