November is Youth Entrepreneurship Month - check out this resource, courtesy of Mizzen by Mott

It’s National Youth Entrepreneurship Month and we are celebrating the dreamers, doers, creators and innovators! As young people lean into unknowns and transform their ideas into action in today’s digital world, we want to equip educators with learning resources to help facilitate the learning journey. We are excited to tell you more about our content partner: the Young Entrepreneur Institute.

Meet the Young Entrepreneur Institute

  • The Young Entrepreneur Insitute (YEI) believes every child should experience and understand entrepreneurship. The YEI team employs a unique model of collaboration—in addition to teaching students directly, they leverage the participation of the community of teachers, educators and entrepreneurship organizations around them (also known as the entrepreneurship ecosystem).
  • They work with members of this ecosystem to share best practices in entrepreneurial education. Then, equipped with expert knowledge, educators guide their students through curricular and experiential programs.

Be Inspired: Student Action

  • In 2022, YEI honored Jahkil Naeem Jackson during the Celebrate Youth Entrepreneurship Day.
  • Jahkil is a best-selling author, social entrepreneur, student-athlete, influencer, and founder of Project I Am, a nonprofit organization he created when he was eight. Join forces with Jahkil, inspire your students to lead a life of service and  encourage them to find their passions and make the world a better place.

Youth Entrepreneurship Resources

  • Find these four, fun activities in Mizzen! For additional games, resources and Pitch Challenge Information, visit YEI’s resource hub website.

Power Hour

  • Equip yourself as you facilitate these activities and join the next YEI Power Hour On Thursday, December 1st: Making It – Best Practices In Using Your Maker Space. During this free PD opportunity, K-12 educators will learn about maker spaces from Matt Gerber from Western Reserve Academy and Julie Michael Smith and John Scott from Invent2Make. Keep an eye out for more details – you won’t want to miss it!