We're feeling extra grate-fall for community

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, we are celebrating the voice and art of Alyssa Gaines, the 6th National Youth Poet Laureate of the United States, the 2022 Midwest Youth Poet Laureate, and the Inaugural Youth Poet Laureate of Indianapolis. As a proud 18-year-old bilingual Black girl poet and writer from the eastside of Indianapolis, Alyssa emphasizes the balance between hardship and triumph through her art.

Carlos and Kristin were honored to hear her poetry at the Mott 50 State Network Meeting this week in Washington D.C. Listen to her poem, Lagrimas Negras, here.

This week, Carlos also reflected on his own story as a Honduran immigrant to the U.S. Click here to read his full essay on Mizzen news. 

Team Mizzen hit the road this week!

Our Content + Partnerships Team (top) spent time in Detroit, MI strategizing, laughing and exploring how to best support the growing Mizzen community and its priorities.

Carlos and Kristin (bottom) participated in the Mott 50 State Network Meeting in Washington, D.C. to learn and celebrate out-of-school time programs alongside youth, state and national leaders.