Mizzen by Mott: Create a Culture of Discovery

At Mizzen, we’re all about discovery—be it discovery about one’s identity, a new passion or a renewed perspective about the impact of our work with young people.

This week, we spent time discovering more about our team members, culture, core values and ourselves. As we ideated, unpacked and collaborated, CEO Carlos Santini shared this perspective, “We have to intentionally pause, step back and reflect to move the work forward.” How are you taking time to pause and reflect on your own discoveries and how your program creates space for youth to discover? For us, discovery lies in moments of fun, feedback and exploration.

Moments of discovery, much like moments of creativity, require immense vulnerability. Encourage bravery, mistakes, and trying new things, while giving students a framework to support other youths’ efforts. We invite you to use the activities below to empower youth to spark discoveries about… 

… themselves or other youth.

… new facts! 

… new skills!