Mizzen By Mott: Create a Culture of Development

At Mizzen, we believe that learning shouldn’t be reserved just for the youth we work with—but instead, learning is life-long (and fun, even as adults!). That’s why we offer professional development tips for educators in addition to our content for youth.

With Mizzen Pro Tips, you have instant access to informal and formal learning at your fingertips. We’re passionate about professional development at Mizzen because it can:

  • boost our confidence 
  • help us learn new skills
  • help us stay current on out-of-school time trends
  • expose us to new perspectives and ideas (and even potential career paths!)

What about you? How do you learn? How do you like to build your brain power?

Check out books the Mizzen team is engaging with on our PD journeys:

  • Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, Oliver Burkeman
  • A Promised Land, Barack Obama
  • The Pause Principle, Kevin Cashman
  • Creative Quest, Questlove
  • Thanks for the Feedback, Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen
  • Not pictured – our fantastic colleague who enjoying her well-deserved vacation!

Pro Tip #1: Creating Group Norms

  • What are our group norms? How were they established?
  • Have we revisited these norms and made any updates?

Pro Tip #2: The ORID Method

  • How does our current program decision making process (funding opportunities, content offerings, hiring) align with or differ from the ORID method?
  • What areas do we want to implement (if any) from the ORID method? How can we do that?

Pro Tip #3: Goal Setting

  • What are the goals of our program for the upcoming week, month, year? How and why did we establish those goals?
  • What is one professional goal of your team members? How can the group help support their goal progress?