Mizzen: Think. Make. Tinker - Inspire children's creativity with reDiscover Center

There is no single word that captures the spirit of reDiscover Center more than creativity.

The brainchild of 25 education-focused groups in the Los Angeles Area, reDiscover develops children’s creativity through hands-on making with sustainable materials. The nonprofit launched in 2003, and today it regularly serves 11,000 young people ages 2-18. To keep kids connected to creative learning during the pandemic, reDiscover took to the streets with a pop-up makerspace that engaged more than 16,000 visitors.

The ✨magic✨of reDiscover is its capacity to inspire a makerspace spirit in everyone: Creatingbuilding and making art from ideas, materials and tools right at hand. In Mizzen, you’ll find engaging activities such as:

  • Shadow Puppets and Shadow Puppet Stage
  • Prototype a Transportation Vehicle/Vessel
  • Slot Construction Animals

And these projects are just the start. With a free Mizzen account, you’ll find more than a dozen cool, sustainable art and design projects from reDiscover that are perfect for hot summer days.

reDiscover Center: Cardboard Connections

Plus, just in time for Mizzen’s Summer Sizzle, reDiscover is offering the Mizzen community the chance to join an experiential workshop for youth development professionals. You’ll meet reDiscover’s Hanabee Cartagena, a creative artist in mixed media who specializes in community arts engagement and manages reDiscover’s distance learning programs. She’ll share ways to infuse maker education into your summer and fall camps and programs.

When you register, you will be entered into an opportunity drawing with the chance to win a reDiscover Tinker Toolkit for your program!