The Million Girls Moonshot: June Quality Trainings and Transformative Practices

The Moonshot will be active in out-of-school programs in all 50 states, leveraging the Mott-funded 50 State Afterschool Network, which has access to more than 10 million youth and 100,000 afterschool programs across the country. Over the course of the new year NJSACC’s STEM Specialist Chris Jorn will bring you The Million Girl Moonshot monthly newsletter. Each month Chris will be rounding up accessible training opportunities, role models, and most importantly STEM activities for New Jersey’s after school community.

During the month of June, the Million Girls Moonshot celebrates the amazing work that women engineers around the world are doing to support lives and livelihoods every day. We have included several new resources that Networks and program providers can utilize to profile the best, brightest and bravest women in engineering, the inventors and innovators who dare to be part of the solution and are helping to build towards a brighter future.

In this issue:

  • National Afterschool STEM Program survey
  • International Women in Engineering Day and the Great Outdoors
  • Meet Nuclear Engineer Ciara Sivels
  • Meet Engineer, Writer and Educator Ritu Raman
  • All About Nuclear Engineering: What it’s Really Like to be a Nuclear Engineer
  • Featured Webinars
    • Engineering Mindsets – Math
    • Role Models And Mentors as an Equity Strategy
  • Quality Trainings
    • PEAR Trainings
    • DOS Program Planning Tool Training
    • DOS Certification Training
    • Recertification Training for DOS Observers
    • ACRES July and August Cohorts
    • June Cohort: Modeling Engineering Practices
    • July Cohort: Asking Purposeful Questions
  • Additional Professional Development
    • NGCP Archived Webinar: Families & STEAM: Strengthening Relationships & Building Partnerships
  • Transformative Practices
    • Engineering Mindsets
    • Incorporating Role Models
    • Families
    • STEM Transitions, Handoffs, and Coordination
  • Activities for Programs
    • Mizzen By Mott Moonshot Connection