Mizzen Summer News: Empower Youth Health and Your Self-Care

If January is for resolutions, summer is for resets.

Luckily, health, wellness and self-care come in myriad forms, from mental health to physical fitness, nutrition, being in nature, community-building and belonging. That’s the spirit behind this week’s offerings of health-giving activities and tips.

Browse the selection below and stock up on your favorite lessons and tips on nutritious foods, hydration, healthy ecosystems and dazzling fitness fun!

ProTip Highlight

Hydrate & Celebrate!

Staying hydrated may sound like a drop in the bucket of self-care, but it can be crucial, especially in summer.

ProTip: Infuse your next staff gathering or celebration with healthy, hydrating fruit-infused water recipes. Use these tips and recipes to plan and host a fun, unique, and memorable celebration of your program!

Resource Highlight

In honor of International Self-Care Month in July, here’s a tip that’s inspired by the Harvard Study of Adult Development and the New York Times. The longest-running study on human happiness, the Harvard study found that “Strong relationships are what make for a happy life.”

The tip is to invest more in everyday relationships, starting with an 8-minute phone call with a friend. Think of someone you love, care about, miss and wish you connected with more often. Email or text them and propose the call!