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New Wallace Videos Show How Afterschool Can Help Cities Close the Opportunity Gap

Monday, February 10th, 2014

“Afterschool is where the community can help the school push back against the hungry bear of poverty…that’s really what keeps taking bites out of our progress.”

So says Robert Balfanz, a professor and senior research scientist at Johns Hopkins University, one of the experts in a new six-minute video from The Wallace Foundation. Hear them discuss how afterschool can help cities close the opportunity gap between low-income students and their higher-income peers.

In a second video, field leaders lay out steps cities can take to build an afterschool system in order to boost program quality and attendance.

The videos were taped in 2013 as part of the Better Together conference on how cities can improve access to high-quality afterschool – and help push back the hungry bear of poverty – by coordinating the work of government agencies, program providers and funders.

To learn more about afterschool system building, click here.

New Resource from the Wallace Foundation: Better Together, Building Local Systems to Improve Afterschool

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

New Resource from the Wallace Foundation: Better Together, Building Local Systems to Improve Afterschool

Click here to download this report as a pdf

A decade ago, afterschool systems – which coordinate the work of programs, government, funders and other key afterschool players so they can together build more and better programming for kids – were a rarity in American cities.

Not so now, judging by the 57 city teams at a recent conference on afterschool systems.

Read about what they learned from one another and field pioneers in a report released today: Better Together: Building Local Systems to Improve Afterschool (A Conference Report).

The report captures clear themes about how systems can open the way to strong afterschool programming for more disadvantaged children – by improving program quality, collecting and using data for informed decision-making, getting the mayor on board, and even finding creative solutions to transportation problems.

Want to view excerpts of their conference’s opening session? Watch the videos.

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