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Friday, September 13th, 2013

September  2013

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With children all over settling into their new classrooms, the question of fit is very much on our minds: Will the teacher be a good fit for our excitable kindergartener? Will a child who has changed schools connect with her new classmates? Will our anxious sixth grader get lost in his big new middle school?

One mother who has worried for years over the right fit for her son, who has developmental delays, writes on about his six years in an inclusive classroom and why, when choosing a middle school for him, she finally went with a contained classroom instead. Michaela Searfoorce had lived by the mantra that the least restrictive environment is the best. But her son’s struggles were increasingly painful. And his first year in the new school was his best: no bullying, no eating lunch alone, no coming home in tears. New friends, new confidence, new skills, new willingness to do his homework – independently. The lesson, as she puts it: “At long last, I realize that Least Restrictive Environment is not the title of a competition. It’s not about how inclusive of a setting you can get your child into, but how inclusive of a setting you should get your child into.”

Speaking of bullying, we can’t resist sharing this YouTube video (above) by Megan Kelly Hall, which offers a photo stream of ordinary-looking children and describes some of the bullying they endured—before they grew up to be spectacularly successful singers, actors, athletes, and the new Duchess of Cambridge. It’s sweet.

– Caroline Miller, Editorial Director

You can stop this in your program! Stop Bullying Now!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

You are Invited to An Action Dialogue! Evidence-based Anti-Bullying Programs

Monday, January 14th, 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Evidence-based Anti-Bullying Programs:
What We Can Learn from Finland

A conversation between Christina Salmivalli and Gil Noam

11:30am- 1pm Eastern, 10:30am – 12pm Central, 9:30am – 11am Mountain, 8:30am – 10am Pacific

New Directions for Youth Development
 recently published an issue entitled “Evidence-Based Bullying Prevention Programs for Children and Youth” with leading researchers, clinicians, and educators showcasing effective interventions against bullying. The issue was edited by Drs. Dagmar Strohmeier and Gil G. Noam.We are happy to invite you to a discussion with one of the authors, Professor Christina Salmivalli from the University of Turku in Finland. Dr. Salmivalli is one of the foremost experts in anti-bullying programs in schools. Her intervention, which highlights the importance of the bystanders, is used in the entire country of Finland and has shown to be very effective. Her methods are very rigorous (including randomized trials), and her experience training school staff is extensive. We can learn a great deal from her work and experiences in the United States. Given her leadership role in the field of bullying and bullying prevention, we decided to organize this webinar around her work and her contribution to New Directions for Youth Development.

In this 90-minute webinar Dr. Salmivalli and Dr. Gil Noam will conduct a dialogue about the topic and will invite webinar participants to ask questions and provide comments. Please join us for this important topic, especially at a time when all but one of the states in the U. S. have passed anti-bullying legislation and require a new way of thinking about the protection of children and adolescents in school and out-of-school time.


Christina Salmivalli is a professor of psychology at the University of Turku and director of the KiVa antibullying program.

Gil G. Noam is the Founder and Director of the Program in Education, Afterschool & Resiliency (PEAR) and Associate Professor at Harvard University and McLean Hospital.

Registration is free but necessary, so register today by clicking here. Our webinars fill up quickly, so please register right away. Also, please be sure to attend the webinar if you register. Though the webinar is free, if you sign up but do not attend the webinar, and fail to cancel your reservation within 24 hours, we must charge a $10 service fee to cover the costs associated with registration.

Panel presentations with PowerPoint will be audible and visible over the Internet. Panel discussion will be audible. Audience participation is conducted via chat. To see an example of the format, go to:

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Contact Chloe Parsons at with any questions.

Action Dialogue Webinar Series – This webinar is part of an ongoing joint webinar series co-sponsored by the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development and PEAR – the Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The webinars are designed as action dialogues with researchers and practitioners on current topics important to learning and development of young people. The webinars are partially supported by Jossey-Bass, an imprint of Wiley.

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