NJSACC: The New Jersey Statewide  Afterschool Network was invited to  promote this great opportunity for New Jersey’s Teens, take a look.
Teens listen to other teens.So when it comes to influencing young people to adopt safer driving habits, there is no more effective voice than teens talking to their peers.That is why The Allstate Foundation and the
USA TODAY Charitable Foundation created Drive2Thrive.
Drive2Thrive is a free, project-based learning experience designed to guide New Jersey high school students in building and implementing a marketing plan that will influence their peers to adopt safer driving habits.
The Drive2Thrive program is aligned with Common Core State Standards, enhances students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, enriches their literacy skills, encourages them to connect with their school communities and empowers them to take ownership of their learning.
The Drive2Thrive project includes:

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