Afterschool CARES! Cycle 4, Apply now to participate.

Afterschool CARES

APPLY NOW TO PARTICIPATE: Application due January 25, 2013

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Service Learning is a great way to add quality programming to your afterschool programs. Service Learning promotes teamwork, character development and leadership skills as well as motivates students to be active in their communities and school.


NJSACC’s Afterschool CARES is a Service Learning professional development project for afterschool staff.

The goal of the project is to train and support afterschool program staff to provide children with resources to engage in Service Learning in their communities. During the Project period (February 2012-May 2013) participants will receive training on Service Learning and get regular support to complete Service Learning activities with resources, program visits, phone and email assistance.

By participating, your program will receive:
• The benefit of community awareness of the vital work your center does in providing care and youth development,
• Up to 4 hours of free Professional Development for program staff (includes 1 hour webinar orientation and a choice of up to 3 hours of PD workshops throughout NJ, (10 people max. per program)
• A certificate of participation in Afterschool CARES from NJSACC for your program,
• Continuous and regular support to ensure completion of the project.

Participation Eligibility:
*Program must have a minimum of 2 staff members that can lead Afterschool CARES activities.
*Program must be a licensed child care provider, licensed by the State of NJ office of Licensing.
*Program must serve at least 10% of children that participate in the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).
*Program must commit to an online orientation session taking place on February 6, 2013.
*Program must commit to ongoing Professional Development and Technical Assistance.
*Program must commit to monthly communications in order to continue participation.
*Program must complete the project year and activity requirements to receive 4 hours of Professional Development hours.

APPLY NOW TO PARTICIPATE: APPLY ON-LINE-Application due January 25, 2013.

This project is Funded by the State of New Jersey, Department of Family Development.


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