NAA is sponsoring a Gift Card Collection for Afterschool programs impacted by SANDY

Dear NAA Members and Friends:

Our hearts are heavy as we see news reports about the devastating impacts of Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast.  As a Hurricane Katrina survivor I remember well those early days after the storm — surrounded by devastation and loss and wondering how and when recovery would happen.

I also remember well the outpourings of support our after school program leaders received from friends around the country and the world.  Those generous and thoughtful gifts were what sustained us and gave us the determination to build our programs back – stronger and better than ever.  And that’s why I would like to ask for your support now as we reach out and give hope to those program leaders working to rebuild and restart their programs and sites.

NAA is launching a “gift card” drive from now to December 1st to support afterschool programs impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Gift cards can be purchased in any amount and for any store or online retailer.  Keep in mind those purchases that rebuilding programs might need – books, sports equipment and other basic supplies – when making your store selection.  All cards will be collected in our national headquarters and distributed to programs through our state affiliate leaders in the impacted areas.

I know firsthand the vital role afterschool programs can play in the rebuilding of schools, families and communities.  Please lend your support to this important effort.






Gina Warner

Executive Director



Please send your donations to:

National Afterschool Association
c/o:  Jonathan Clay
8400 Westpark Drive, 2nd Floor

McLean, VA 22102


Please do not send any donations of cash or goods.  Thank you!

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