Can your agency provide healthy suppers to thousands of local youth in need?

Can your agency provide healthy suppers to thousands of local youth in need?

The At-Risk Afterschool Meal Program, a federal nutrition program for youth in need attending afterschool programs, is still new to our state.  NJSACC is working to build up our state infrastructure so more youth can gain access to healthy suppers through this program.

What we need:

Agencies that can act as “umbrella sponsors”

An “umbrella sponsor” administers the meal program for multiple afterschool programs.  The umbrella sponsor doesn’t need to have any prior connection to these afterschool programs.  Examples of umbrella sponsors are large social service agencies, school districts, or city recreation departments.

Here’s how it can work:

What you (the umbrella sponsor agency) provide:

-The administrative capacity to manage a meal program for hundreds or thousands of youth

-Payments to food vendors for the meals, which are later reimbursed (see below)

-Staff time to manage the meal program – about one full-time staff person for 40 afterschool program sites

-A small pot of start-up funding to initiate the program, and maybe a small pot of on-going funding, depending on your meal program’s “balance sheet”

-Training for participating afterschool programs in what their role will be

-Communication with food vendors – including negotiating meal costs and managing food quality

What you get:

-This is a federal nutrition program, and you’ll get reimbursed from the government at a rate of about $2.77 per meal served (this figure goes up each year).

-Because you’re serving so many meals, you can negotiate very good prices from food vendors.  Model umbrella sponsors from around the country are able to use the surplus to cover the costs of managing the meal program – both the cost of the food and the staff time – and they break even after finding that “magic balance.”  You may hit this point with around 40 afterschool program sites.

-If providing suppers to youth in need fits in with your agency’s mission, this is a great opportunity for you.  In addition, umbrella sponsors report getting excellent free press from serving this vital role in the community.

What NJSACC can help with:

-Recruiting afterschool program sites that you can sponsor

-Finding food vendors that work for you

-Applying for funding

-Connecting with successful umbrella sponsors from out of the state (and, as our owns state’s umbrella sponsor network grows, those from in state too) and other supportive resources

Is yours the agency we’re looking for?

Please call or email us to discuss the possibilities!

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