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Games, Games, Games with Dennis Groomes

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Games, Games, Games with Dennis Groomes

Two hours that are about playing games. Learn games where no one is eliminated, learn games that can be played with limited materials, all active, engaging and fun, encouraging teamwork and relationship building in your programs. These games are also great for staff team building. Come dressed to play!

When: Saturday March 10, 2012

Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

Where: Alloway Township School,

43 Cedar Street, Alloway, NJ.

Fee: $15 per person (light refreshments served)

To Register: Click HERE


This training is hosted by Kaiti Handte, NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador, Alloway Township SACC (Salem County)

To learn more about NJSACC trainings, Click HERE

For Registration Details, invoice, information or other questions, please contact:

Jessica Heiberg at 908-789-0259

“Speak Out & Listen Up!” Curriculum and Mini-grant Opportunity

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

2012 Semester of Service/Global Youth Service Day “Speak Out & Listen Up!” Curriculum and Mini-grant Opportunity  from NJ After 3

Thanks to the generous support of AT&T, thirty-five $200 mini-grants are available (on a first-come first-served basis) to purchase supplies needed for “Speak Out & Listen Up!” service learning projects.
Programs are also responsible for making copies of various handouts. To apply for a 2012 Semester of Service mini-grant please fill out the application:


What is “Speak Out & Listen Up!”?

“Speak Out & Listen Up!” is a 13-week curriculum during which students will explore ways that they can promote peace, hope and literacy. Students will engage in lessons that increase their sense of community and will plan service projects.

Main Components of “Speak Out & Listen Up!”

The curriculum will be provided free of charge and emailed in an electronic PDF form. All supplies necessary to the curriculum have to be purchased by the participating program. The mini-grant, if recieved, can be used to purchase supplies. Important details about your afterschool program’s participation in a “Speak Out & Listen Up!” Semester of Service are listed below.   

 Grade Levels:
The curriculum kits have four grade-appropriate versions: K – 2nd, 3rd – 4th, 5th – 6th, and 7th – 8th. Each lession includes applicable English Language Arts Standards from the New Jersey Core Curriculum.

Start Date:
As soon as your program is accepted

End Date:
Projects should end with events during the week of Global Youth Service Day, April 20-22, 2012.

Number of Sessions:
There are 13 sessions that occur between January 16th and April 20th. It is recommended that students meet once a week to work on the project. The curriculum schedule accommodates one week off for Spring break.

Who Leads? The site should designate an afterschool educator to lead the project in each class. If multiple classes will be participating, assign a single point person the responsibility of coordinating a large culminating event for all classes.

Events: There are two events your program should plan as part of “Speak Out & Listen Up!”:

  • Event 1:   On March 2, sites can host a reading event in recognition of Read Across America Day. The students participating in “Speak Out & Listen Up!” will help plan the event.
  • Event 2:   On/around April 20- 22 (Global Youth Service Day), your site will host a “Speak Out & Listen Up!” culminating event where students should showcase the projects they have completed.

Press & VIPs: Programs are encouraged to solicit press for their events, and invite local VIPs to attend.

Get Recognized! Classes are encouraged to submit their service projects to Students in Action New Jersey’s Make Service Count Challenge: Make Service Count Challenge Entry Form 

Be in the Loop! New Jersey After 3 suggests that every Site Coordinator read the entire curriculum before students begin the project.

Reporting: At the end of April, we ask that all programs complete a brief survey. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Activities For A Healthier Winter in Afterschool

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Don’t have enough snow yet to do these?
Try some tips adapted from The National Wildlife Federation:

  • Go outside for a nature scavenger hunt. You get exercise from the long walk around the neighborhood or park, and the kids are entertained collecting items on your list, such as an acorn, stray leaf, pine cone, a few pine needles, or a twig longer than your thumb.
  • Older kids can bring along a camera and instead of collecting items, they can capture photos of wildlife, or signs of winter like icicles and frozen branches.
  • Look for tracks.  A light snowfall can reveal what animals are around looking for food.  Search for tracks and try to follow them.
  • Try a “polar bear” swim, without the freezing water of course.  Give each child a bag filled with swim goggles, towel, an old adult swimsuit or oversized flippers.  See how fast they can pull on the swim gear over their outdoor clothes, throw the towel around their neck, take a pretend “swim”, then remove items and return to bag.

Thinking About Epilepsy

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey would like to educate the fifth graders in your school district.  Whether you are a parent or a teacher, please forward this information on to the appropriate contact in your school district in order to facilitate the scheduling of this program.
The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, in partnership with the Anita Kaufmann Foundation, is teaching 5th grade students all over the state about Epilepsy through an educational program: Thinking About Epilepsy, formerly known as S.H.A.R.E. This free, 40 minute presentation is intended to increase knowledge about Epilepsy and seizure first aid in addition to reducing the stigma and eliminating bullying attached to Epilepsy. The program has been presented in schools throughout seventeen counties in New Jersey.  The total number of fifth graders that have been educated since the start of the program in 2007 is approximately 30,000! The students are able to feel more comfortable with the topic of Epilepsy thanks to Thinking About Epilepsy!

“The fifth graders have learned so much from this epilepsy program. The students not only learned about three types of seizures, but they will also be ready to assist if a friend, family member, or stranger experienced a seizure. We cannot wait to have you present again next year!”

                                  -Morris County Health Teacher

If your school is interested in Thinking About Epilepsy, please email or call Jenna Andolora at 800.336.5843.
Thank you for helping to raise awareness about Epilepsy!

Mixing in Math: Enhancing Everyday Activities to Build Confidence and Competence in Mathematics

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Great resource from our friends @ the National Girls Collaborative Project:

NGCP  Webinar

Mixing in Math: Enhancing Everyday Activities to Build Confidence and Competence in Mathematics
Thursday, January 26, 2012
1:00PM-2:00PM EST
Looking for resources for girls and their families?
Learn how informal educators are using Mixing in Math, free materials in English and Spanish, that add math to circle time, story time, family events, and crafts.
Mixing in Math was highlighted as an exemplary out-of-school time program for girls by the Harvard Family Research Project.
During this webinar, we will show you how to use Mixing in Math to sprinkle a little math into what you already do with girls and their families.
Come ready to explore shapes, sizes, and patterns in everyday life!

Check out the Mixing in Math website.