LIFE, Inc.: The Ultimate Career Guide For Young People

NJSACC is entering into a partnership with Life, Inc. .
This partnership  is able to provide the Life, Inc. Curriculum for FREE to your afterschool programs.

Should your program elect to participate,you  would be required to be part of the on -going evaluation of the program.

See below to learn more about the program.

LIFE, Inc.: The Ultimate Career Guide For Young People gives today’s youth an inspirational way to look at their future.
Students will learn their likes, dislikes, and what will make them jump out of bed each morning to seize the workday.


ABook:  Students will explore their strengths and weaknesses, learn interview techniques, and investigate career options.  They will be introduced to the basics of financial literacy.  One of the most important aspects of the LIFE, Inc. program is that it helps students formulate “visions” about future career possibilities through the use of interviews with “Virtual Role Models,” real people who look back and provide useful insights about their own career paths.

B.  Teacher’s Guide:  Contains seven to ten easy-to-teach lessons and activities that are interdisciplinary and can be correlated to other disciplines in order to create a more rewarding experience in the classroom or in an after-school program, by building student awareness of themselves and the variety of career options within their reach.

C.  Student Journal:  Students will use this journal to collect interview discoveries in a personalized workbook that will give them the tools to help them on their career paths.

D.  Website (   An entertaining, interactive website to support students as they go through the LIFE, Inc. Program.

E.  LIFE, Inc. Video Link:  Below is a link to our “Award Winning,” LIFE, Inc. Video–Recipient of 2008/2009 Mercury Gold Award in the “Promotional/Documentary” category.

This five minute video will show what LIFE, Inc. can do for Deloitte and our educational system.

II.  COST:  NONE.  Deloitte Foundation is donating the entire program at no cost.


A.       A training video will be available on the website and can be utilized in a “Self-Tutorial” fashion at anytime.

B.       Phone Instructor Training:  We can provide phone calls to “Train the Trainers”.  We will ask for your assistance to arrange these with your Instructors.

Interested? Then contact  us to indicate your  interest:

Kristin Ginty
The Office of Neale Godfrey

Children’s Financial Network, Inc.



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