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LIFE, Inc.: The Ultimate Career Guide For Young People

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

NJSACC is entering into a partnership with Life, Inc. .
This partnership  is able to provide the Life, Inc. Curriculum for FREE to your afterschool programs.

Should your program elect to participate,you  would be required to be part of the on -going evaluation of the program.

See below to learn more about the program.

LIFE, Inc.: The Ultimate Career Guide For Young People gives today’s youth an inspirational way to look at their future.
Students will learn their likes, dislikes, and what will make them jump out of bed each morning to seize the workday.


ABook:  Students will explore their strengths and weaknesses, learn interview techniques, and investigate career options.  They will be introduced to the basics of financial literacy.  One of the most important aspects of the LIFE, Inc. program is that it helps students formulate “visions” about future career possibilities through the use of interviews with “Virtual Role Models,” real people who look back and provide useful insights about their own career paths.

B.  Teacher’s Guide:  Contains seven to ten easy-to-teach lessons and activities that are interdisciplinary and can be correlated to other disciplines in order to create a more rewarding experience in the classroom or in an after-school program, by building student awareness of themselves and the variety of career options within their reach.

C.  Student Journal:  Students will use this journal to collect interview discoveries in a personalized workbook that will give them the tools to help them on their career paths.

D.  Website (   An entertaining, interactive website to support students as they go through the LIFE, Inc. Program.

E.  LIFE, Inc. Video Link:  Below is a link to our “Award Winning,” LIFE, Inc. Video–Recipient of 2008/2009 Mercury Gold Award in the “Promotional/Documentary” category.

This five minute video will show what LIFE, Inc. can do for Deloitte and our educational system.

II.  COST:  NONE.  Deloitte Foundation is donating the entire program at no cost.


A.       A training video will be available on the website and can be utilized in a “Self-Tutorial” fashion at anytime.

B.       Phone Instructor Training:  We can provide phone calls to “Train the Trainers”.  We will ask for your assistance to arrange these with your Instructors.

Interested? Then contact  us to indicate your  interest:

Kristin Ginty
The Office of Neale Godfrey

Children’s Financial Network, Inc.



Do you provide STEM in your Afterschool program?

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Hello NJ STEM Providers,

Please consider completing the survey below.
It is a chance to show some national STEM education funders that New Jersey is at the forefront of STEM enrichment opportunities during its out-of-school time programming.
If we can draw attention to the work we are currently doing, it may help us bring additional dollars to the state to continue and expand our efforts in STEM.
The survey is targeting programs that serve middle and high school youth.

In addition to helping our statewide cause, you’ll also be entered to win Staples gift cards to purchase supplies for your program.

Good things are happening in the Garden State for youth  and we need to let the people with the money know about it.
Thank you all in advance for taking time to complete this survey.

Michael MacEwan
Director of 21st CCLC and STEM Initiatives
NJSACC: The Network for NJ’s Afterschool Communities
Mobile: 856-701-3960

For information on STEM and OST resources follow me  on TWITTER @MMacEwan_NJSACC


MOST-Science Survey

Dear [Out-of-School-Time Education Provider],

We’re inviting you to put your youth programs on the map!

MOST-Science is a nation-wide study funded by the National Science Foundation and the Noyce Foundation. We are collecting data on science and engineering-focused out-of-school-time programs across the country – and we want to make sure we hear about yours.

We recently released an online questionnaire that you can find at:

The questionnaire asks for details about your middle and high school-aged youth programs, including who participates, how much time youth spend in your program, and what kinds of activities they do.

One out of every 20 people who fills out the questionnaire will win a $50 gift certificate to your choice of either Staples (get needed supplies for your own program!) or (donate supplies to a classroom in need!)

Most importantly, however, by filling out the questionnaire you will:

–          Highlight your organization and its youth programs to our research team

–          Help to identify common needs and challenges for youth OST science programs

–          Contribute to a study that will inform funders, policy-makers, researchers and other program providers about the great work in this community and the needs that remain to be addressed

–          Support development of future research studies to examine the development, education and career outcomes for youth who participate in OST science programs.

If you have any questions or would like more information about MOST-Science, please check out our website at:, find us on Facebook at:, or e-mail:

We hope to capture information on as many programs as possible. So, you might receive this e-mail more than once, or it might be received by multiple people in your organization. You may want to check with your colleagues to decide who is the best person to fill out the questionnaire.
And please feel free to forward this e-mail to any other programs you think should be on the map!

Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS)

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The  Safe  Routes to School Program (SRTS) is a federally funded program that was initiated by the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act.
County and municipal governments, school districts, schools and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply to the program.

The Federal-aid SRTS program provides federal-aid highway funds to State Departments of Transportation.
The main objectives of the program are:

  • to enable and encourage children in grades K-8, including those with disabilities, to walk and bicycle to school;
  • to make bicycling and walking to school a safer and more appealing transportation alternative, thereby encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age; and
  • to facilitate the planning, development,  and implementation of projects and activities that will improve safety and reduce traffic, fuel consumption and air pollution in the vicinity of schools.

County and municipal governments, school districts, schools, and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply to the program.



Toshiba for Good to Award Technology Makeover to Worthy Nonprofits

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Toshiba for Good to Award Technology Makeover to Worthy Nonprofits

Toshiba for Good will award one nonprofit charity a $100,000 technology makeover through its Helping the Helper program.
Four other charities will each receive a technology package worth $28,500.
To enter, you must submit a two-minute video describing why your nonprofit could benefit from a technology makeover.
Submission of videos is due Jan. 7, 2012.

Learn more.




NJSACC is seeking Afterschool Ambassadors

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors (From L to R) EllenTyndell (Ocean County), Sharon Towler (Union County), Elena Piperno (Camden County), Maria River-Butler (Burlington County), Thea Pace (Monmouth County)

“I enjoyed meeting other providers in my area.”

“I became more knowledgeable of afterschool policies, goals and objectives.”

“Great networking”

Applications Open for NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors

The NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors is a select group of leaders in New Jersey’s Afterschool communities whoVolunteer to serve as representatives of NJSACC. Afterschool Ambassadors assist NJSACC to connect afterschool professionals, via a Countywide Network. Afterschool Ambassadors are located in each of New Jerseys 21 Counties and will further NJSACC’s mission to develop public awareness of Afterschool issues, build a strong network for afterschool program professionals in NJ, and to establish professional development opportunities in every New Jersey County.

Afterschool Ambassadors are located in each of New Jerseys 21 Counties.

Being a NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador is a commitment from February 2012-October 2013

A successful NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador should be:
* Familiar with afterschool programs in the local community
* Committed to Networking
* Committed to Advocacy for Afterschool programs
* Involved and informed in current trends in out of school time
* Very Computer and Web knowledgeable and functional

NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors responsibilities include:
* Attendance in Ambassadors training and participation in Webinars, phone conference and web forums
* Fostering a County wide group of Afterschool Professionals and Advocates
* Helping NJSACC identify all Afterschool programs in the County & documenting information collected
* Holding trainings in local community with Administration done by NJSACC
* Meeting with local and county officials to build support for afterschool
* Help organize special events such as Celebrate Afterschool Week and Lights On Afterschool

NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors will receive the following for their volunteer service and commitment: 
* Free Full Membership to NJSACC and Full Membership to the NAA (National Afterschool Association)
* Partnership listing on
* An Afterschool Ambassadors Badge
* Two Enhanced trainings specific and prescriptive based on the needs of the Ambassadors
* Attend Ambassador organized trainings for free
* First Hand information on current trends in Afterschool
* Resume builder for state and national leadership in the field of Afterschool

To be considered for the NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors Program, you must meet the following requirements: 
* Completed Application
* A minimum of 3 years of Professional Experience in the Afterschool Field
* 2 emails of reference*

Once applications have been reviewed and interviews are completed, NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador positions will be offered to qualified candidates. All applicants will receive an emailed notice of the decisions.

If you are offered a NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador position and accept, you must be available for all mandatory events.

Orientation: January 26, 2012

To apply, complete the following steps: 1) complete the application; 2) submit the application and two (2) emails of reference sent directly to

Application Deadline: December 19, 2011
Position Notification via email by January 3, 2012