NAEYC: School-Age Accreditation Pilot

For a limited time, NAEYC is piloting an optional program that allows currently accredited programs to pursue accreditation for the school-age component of their program. Eligible programs may submit the School-Age Accreditation Request Form and applicable fee between September 1, 2011 and December 1, 2011 to have the school-age component of their program assessed by NAEYC.

Eligibility Requirements for Pilot Program:

Any NAEYC-Accredited program is eligible to participate in the School-Age Accreditation Pilot Program if it has one or more groups that serve school-age children that are eligible to be assessed by NAEYC. In order to be assessed by NAEYC, both of the following conditions must be true.
  • The group including school-age children operate before- and/or after-school
  • The majority of the children in the group(s) including school-age children are age 8 or younger

School-Age Accreditation Visit:

Eligible programs will receive a visit between September 1, 2011 and February 28, 2012. The visit for School-Age Accreditation will include an assessment of randomly selected group(s) that include school-age children. Groups will be assessed though observation using the universal criteria and potentially a subset of kindergarten criteria.
  • If all assessed groups meet at least 70% of the criteria assessed, the program’s NAEYC Accreditation will be expanded to include school-age children. To reflect this, the program’s NAEYC Accreditation Certificate will be modified.
  • If all assessed groups do not meet at least 70%of the criteria assessed, the program’s NAEYC Accreditation will be maintained but will not include the program’s school-age children.

Please note that if a violation of any required criterion were to be observed during the School-Age Accreditation visit, the NAEYC Academy would apply the Scope & Severity Screen in accordance with the Required Criteria Policy. This could result in the revocation of a program’s NAEYC Accreditation.


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