Supporting Student Success (S3) Apply for this amazing opportunity!

NJSACC: The State Network for New Jersey’s Afterschool Communities, invites outstanding afterschool programs serving students in grades 6-8 to participate in a unique an exciting opportunity in Supporting Student Success  (S3).

This pilot invites programs that offer enrichment and other challenging activities to youth incorporate the Common Core State Standards into their programs. 

The goals of S3:
●Raise awareness about the Common Core amongst the afterschool programs in NJ
●Identify effective practices and common challenges of afterschool programs working to support the Common Core
●Establish evidence that afterschool programs are key partners in Common Core implementation

The Common Core Standards and Context of S3 project:
As NJ takes up the challenge of implementing the Common Core, NJSACC believes that high quality afterschool programs are ideal partners.  The Common Core represents an important step forward for our public schools.  The standards were designed with the real world in mind, reflecting the knowledge and skills that NJ’s students need for success in college and careers and ultimately, to compete successfully in the global economy.  As NJ makes bold moves to improve public education, significant budget cuts have forced school districts to look to do more with less.  Increasingly, school districts are looking at out-of-school time hours in order to meet their goals in a cost-effective way.

Programs selected to participate in S3 will:
•Be included in a “learning community” to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and problem-solving.
•Receive intensive training and ongoing technical support to plan and implement program activities that support the Common Core Standards.
•Training to utilize the “Aligning the Learning Day” model (developed by the National AfterSchool Association and the National Association of Elementary School Principals) to support positive working relationships between the afterschool Director and the school principals.
•Participate in pre- and post-assessments to show the impact of the Learning Communities work.
•Open programs for visits from the S3 Support team
•Opportunity to present the year of work at the 2012 NJSACC Conference
•Receive 1 Free conference attendance to the 2011 NJSACC
•Receive a small stipend upon completion of 18 months ($125 per participating staff person)

Project Timeline:

August-September 2011: High Quality Afterschool programs will selected for the project.

October 2011: An orientation session will be held with 1-2 staff from each of the pilot programs

November 2011: All programs in the pilot will attend the NJSACC conference for training and an in-person session with their learning community.

February 2012: The pilot programs will meet for an in-person session and training.

March 2012: Programs will received one-on-one technical assistance

April & May 2012:  Site visits

June 2012: The school year ends and afterschool programming closes.  Pilot programs will be asked to complete a post-assessment.

July-December 2012: Pilots will develop reports on the S3 experience

Who should apply:
●High Quality programs serving youth in grades 6-8
●Programs committed to high quality learning opportunities for youth through Out of School Time Programming
●Programs with 1-2 Staff members interested in Professional Development in Support and the Common Core

To apply, please fill out the application by September 23, 2011: CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION


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