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A secret treasure in NJ for kids who like to invent!

Located@  :
211 Main Street
West Orange, NJ 07052


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Why the Edison Site?

Imagine your day ending at sunset.
Life without music, motion pictures, radio.

Life without light itself.
Our modern lives began at the turn of the century in West Orange, New Jersey.
The Laboratory and home of Thomas Edison, stopped in time, continue to teach a new generation

Idea to Product- Edison’s Invention Process- Grades 3 -6

How did Thomas Edison transform so many of his good ideas into commercially successful products?  Try your hand at inventing the Edison way – with hands-on work and team-based problem solving.

Hollywood, New Jersey- Grades 6 -8

Explore the invention of motion pictures at Thomas Edison NHP.  Long before Hollywood and multi-million dollar blockbusters, a group of engineers in New Jersey laid the foundation for all the entertainment to come.  You’ll explore Edison’s laboratories and learn how he was able to make the first motion pictures reality, then put on a costume and star in your own short film.

Who’s the Victor?- Grades 9 -12
Why do companies design their products the way they do, and how do we choose what to buy?  Thomas Edison and his laboratory workers wanted to make the fastest-selling phonographs in America, and they made choices along the way that shaped the final product.  But did they achieve their goal?  Or were there other companies doing a better job of giving consumers what they wanted?

Ben Lee, Park Ranger
Thomas Edison National Historical Park
211 Main Street
West Orange, NJ 07052
973.736.0550 x29

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