For Male-Focused Organizations and Programs

Dear Colleague:

Your help is needed to accurately count male-focused organizations and programs.
The C.S. Mott Foundation is supporting this census of male-focused programs in order to begin counting and understanding the many efforts working to help males take care of themselves and their families.

A key objective is to identify those organizations or programs within organizations that intentionally work with males – especially low-income males – so that resources can be better targeted and outcomes improved.

I am writing to request your support maximizing the reach and success of this census.  Beginning with this email we are seeking the participation of programs, organizations, allies and stakeholders of male-focused work.  However, we readily acknowledge the limitations of our scope and invite you to help us count all male-focused efforts in the nation.

The form can be completed in under 10 minutes.

If you run a male-focused program or organization please  click on the link below to count in.

On the other hand if you know of a church, youth group, fraternity or community based organization that works with males please take a moment and forward this email throughout your networks and encourage people to click here and complete the form for their male-focused organization or program.

All responses will be confidential.

By September 30th, we plan to wind down this phase of the census process and, in 2011, move forward with follow up survey activity.  Future efforts to gather more detailed information about the important work of this field depend upon the success of this initial count.  Please help us support male-focused efforts at this critical juncture.

Thank you for your participation.  Stay tuned for results from this and future TMC survey work!


Loren Harris
Thinking Man Consulting


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