May is My Principal Matters Month

NJSACC is the state affiliate of the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) .

NAA has desiginated May as  My Principal Matters Month. A perfect tie in for  a press event for Celebrate Afterschool! Outdoors in the Garden State.

Consider doing something special for your principal during May. In these difficult  times for  schools we encourage your program  to present this award to your building principal!

My Principal Matters Award

The National AfterSchool Association “My Principal Matters” Awards Program recognizes excellence in school leadership and celebrates highly effective after-school collaborative relationships between preK-12 principals, assistant principals and after-school program leaders. The program honors principals who have exhibited extraordinary commitment to their students and staff, service to their communities, and contributions to the after-school profession, including their professional associations.

The NAA “My Principal Matters” Award Program is designed to be a local-level event to honor exemplary principals who share effective collaborative relationships with before- and after-school personnel and show strong commitment to the development of high-quality extended learning opportunities for children and youth in their learning community.  Being recognized with a NAA “My Principal Matters” award is a prestigious accomplishment. The celebratory event should be shared with the local media, school boards, parent groups, and the state and national after-school community. The NAA “My Principal Matters” awards ceremonies take place in schools and communities across the national annually during the month of May at the discretion of each nominator. Multimedia press releases, photo opportunities, and other creative celebratory ideas are encouraged as you plan your awards program.

Selection Criteria

Nominees for this award must meet all criteria for selection established by the National AfterSchool Association.
The selected principal:

  • shows a strong commitment to the after-school profession;
  • assumes an active role in his/her community, distinguishing himself/herself as a leader in the development and support of extended learning opportunities;
  • shows strong educational leadership by setting high expectations for school staff and students;
  • is respected by students, colleagues, parents, and the community at large;
  • maintains an orderly, purposeful learning environment;
  • shows evidence of outstanding contributions to the well-being of the educational community.
  • is an active principal of a school in which a commitment to excellence is clearly evident through established extended learning opportunities programs designed to meet the academic and social needs of all students, and through firmly established community ties with parents and local community organizations;
  • is a member of  NJSACC and national professional association;
  • will be an active principal during the year in which he/she will receive the award


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