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Denise T. Sellers named by the Afterschool Alliance !

Monday, August 24th, 2009

NJSACC is very proud to announce that Ms. Denise Sellers, Executive Director of  Haddonfield Child Care (, has been selected as an
Afterschool Alliance Afterschool Ambassador!

The Afterschool Alliance’s Afterschool Ambassador program identifies afterschool providers and advocates of special achievement and helps them raise their voices in support of afterschool.

Selected from some of most effective afterschool programs and advocacy organizations in the nation, Ambassadors work every day to help keep kids safe, inspire children to learn and help working families.
They know firsthand the barriers and benefits that communities face in making afterschool available to all children.
The Alliance selects 15 to 25 Ambassadors from around the country each year, and then provides training, technical support, and modest funding for their Ambassadorial activities throughout the school year.

Many of you know Denise T.  Sellers, she has been a longtime supporter of Afterschool in NJ and in the nation.
She  manages the day to day operation of the HCC programs.
Sellers is a 1973 graduate of William & Mary, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree.
Prior to assuming the directorship of HADDONFIELD CHILD CARE in 1985, she was the Director of Therapeutic Recreation for the Mt. Laurel Convalescent Center, and has had extensive school experience as a special events coordinator, a preschool instructor and a teacher of children with special needs at the LARC School.

Denise  has :

  • served as a NJSACC  Board Member
  • a NJSACC Cluster Advisor
  • Endorser for the NAA  Accreditation  System
  • one of the  crafters of the NAA National Code of Ethics for Afterschool
  • A longtime advocate of special needs youth
  • a member of the MAP (MAP to inclusive Child Care in NJ)
  • She also is a recipient of the John Radig Award from NJSACC

The NJSACC Ambassadors program , we see as a feeder to build new state and national leaders in Afterschool.
As you can see, Denise  is rooted firmly in Afterschool in NJ , that led to National involvement- and now this tremendous honor!

NJSACC  is very proud of Denise T. Sellers !
Way to go , Denise!

NJ has had 2 others in the past selected as Afterschool Ambassadors Emeritus.

Since 2001, more than 80 individuals have served as Afterschool Ambassadors, working in their local communities and states to increase awareness of the need for afterschool, and to act as a voice for the afterschool movement.
These outstanding individuals work every day to build support for afterschool programs by reaching out to decision makers, increasing media and public awareness of the benefits of afterschool, and encouraging allies from the education, business, government, religious and other communities to support afterschool.

NJ”s are:

Orange Extended School Day Program,  Orange , NJ

Sup. of Schools ,  Rosell, NJ

A Letter From Sarah Cruz

Monday, August 24th, 2009

A letter from SARAH CRUZ, NJSACC, Enrichment Support Specialist

APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED:  APPLY BY September 1,  2009 to become an

In 1999 I entered the world of “Out of School Time” unexpectedly.  I was given the great responsibility to operate an Afterschool program.

I was excited and apprehensive, but took on the task with great fervor because I really enjoy working with children.

One day, in the programs mail, among the supply catalogs and bills, I saw a flier for a training sponsored by the New Jersey School Age Care Coalition (NJSACC).  I excitedly called to RSVP and attended the training in Maplewood, NJ.
I was thrilled to find a room full of people that did what I did.  They had a language, a culture and an understanding of the world called Afterschool.

Meeting the people in the group, I felt a part of a network.  A network of professionals doing the same type of work I was.
My relationship with the other Afterschool professionals grew over time and I became very involved in NJSACC.
I was selected to be a Cluster Advisor and an NJSACC board member.
My career was expanded by my relationship with NJSACC and I was able to network for resources and ideas, that help me run high quality programs, become a NSACC trainer and now, a staff member of NJSACC.

Once again, NJSACC is recruiting a select group of volunteers that will help to further NJSACC’s mission to develop public awareness of Afterschool issues, build a strong network for Afterschool program professionals in NJ, and to establish professional development opportunities in every New Jersey County.


A successful NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador should be:

* Familiar with afterschool programs in the local community
* Committed to Networking
* Committed to Advocacy for Afterschool programs
* Involved and informed in current trends in out of school time
* Computer and Web knowledgeable

NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors
responsibilities include:

* Attendance in Ambassadors training and participation in Webinars, phone conference and web forums
* Fostering a County wide group of Afterschool Professionals and Advocates
* Helping NJSACC identify all Afterschool programs in the County & documenting information collected
* Holding trainings in local community with Administration done by NJSACC
* Meeting with local and county officials to build support for afterschool
* Help organize special events such as Celebrate Afterschool Week and Lights On Afterschool

NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors
will receive the following for their volunteer service and commitment:

* Free Full Membership to NJSACC and Full Membership to the NAA (National Afterschool Association)
* Partnership listing on
* An Afterschool Ambassadors Badge
* Two Enhanced trainings specific and prescriptive based on the needs of the Ambassadors
* Attend Ambassador organized trainings for free
* First Hand information on current trends in Afterschool
* Resume builder for state and national leadership in the field of Afterschool

To be considered for the NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors Program, you must meet the following requirements:

* Completed Application
* A minimum of 5 years of Professional Experience in the Afterschool Field
* 2 emails of reference*
* Successful Phone interview

Once applications have been reviewed and interviews are completed, NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador positions will be offered to qualified candidates. All applicants will receive written notice of their decisions.

If you are offered a NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador position and accept, you must be available for all mandatory events.

Orientation: Wednesday October 7, 2009
Meeting 2: February 2010
Meeting 3: May 2010

To apply, complete the following steps:


1) complete the application; 2) submit the application and two (2) emails of reference* sent directly to

Application Deadline: September 1st
Position Notification via email on September 14, 2009

*In efforts to eliminate paper waste, this application process has been made electronic.
Please make the best effort to make all communications via email.

Sarah Cruz

NJSACC, Enrichment Support Specialist

NJSACC: The Network for New Jersey’s Afterschool Communities
Mobile: 973-768-3351

Projects’ WET, WILD & Learning Tree

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Project WET, Project WILD/WILD Aquatic and Project Learning Tree Training!

Where: Villa Madonna at Allamuchy Twp. School
What: Professional Development Workshops for Projects’ WET, WILD & Learning Tree
When: September 9, 2009
Time: from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Cost : $10

In these days where children are spending less time outdoors, school time presents an ideal opportunity to engage students in the natural world.

Project WET, Project WILD/WILD Aquatic and Project Learning Tree
professional development workshops integrate math, science, language arts, social studies and other subject areas into an outdoor setting by using the environment as a context for learning.
These hands-on,interdisciplinary workshops assist educators in teaching how to think, not what to think about the environment while fostering a sense of place.

The workshops are designed for K-12 grade educators and after-school care providers interested in incorporating nature and outdoor experiences into the after school setting. The lessons also
support content standard proficiency. Certificates for 6 hours of professional development will be provided.

All workshops are held rain or shine.
Please dress for the weather
and bring your lunch.
Participants will select 1 of 3 workshop offerings at the workshop check-in on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information or to register, contact Liz at (908) 637-4125 or send email to

There is a $10 registration fee payable to Allamuchy Twp School.

Liz Jackson, Senior Public Information Assistant
NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife
Pequest Trout Hatchery
605 Pequest Road
Oxford, NJ 07863
Phone: (908) 637-4125
Fax: (908) 637-6735

Deadline Extended till September 1st, 2009

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Apply to Become a NJSACC Afterschool Ambassador!

Apply soon! Deadline Extended till September 1st

NJSACC: The Network for New Jersey’s Afterschool Communities is announcing its’  initiative to connect Afterschool professionals throughout New Jersey.

is inviting you to become a part of the Afterschool Ambassadors Program.

The NJSACC Afterschool Ambassadors is a select group of leaders in New Jersey’s Afterschool communities who Volunteer
to serve as a  voice  to support Afterschool .

Afterschool Ambassadors assist NJSACC to connect afterschool professionals, via a Countywide Network.
Afterschool Ambassadors are located in each of New Jerseys 21 Counties and will further NJSACC’s mission to :

  • develop public awareness of Afterschool issues
  • build a strong network for Afterschool program professionals in NJ
  • to establish professional development opportunities in every New Jersey County

NJSACC  Afterschool Ambassadors
are located in each of New Jerseys 21 Counties.
Being a NJSACC  Afterschool Ambassador is a Two (2) year volunteer commitment beginning in October 2009-October 2011.

Be a part of this exciting professional opportunity in New Jersey.

For questions, please contact Sarah Cruz at


Monday, August 10th, 2009

Title 1 Stimulus Call /Recording


IF YOU MISSED THE CALL CONFERENCE CALL On Thursday. July 30th  with NJDOE to learning about opportunities
for Afterschool through Title 1 funding in the stimulus package, you can listen to the entire phone call online!

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) includes new opportunities for afterschool.
The US Department of Education explicitly cites afterschool as one of the suggested activities for schools to
improve education for at-risk youth and help close the achievement gap.
Find out what this means for afterschool programs in NJ.

New Jersey Department of Education officials will discussed the permitted uses of  No Child Left Behind -Title I and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) AARA funds and the school district application process.I

Follow the link below for an MP3 file of the call .  There is also a link to a  PDF outlining specific steps you can take in your community .