Interesting…walk a mile in my shoes


Though a society that permits homelessness and poverty may be deemed to be giving negative care, some organizations are trying to use that very hopeless nature of the lifestyle to open the eyes to future activists.  The Mustard Seed Street Ministry in Calgary , Alberta, Canada has created a summer program for 13-17 year olds to walk a mile in the shoes of the homeless, assigning the ‘democrew” to go pick up garbage from bins and try to make enough money for a meal.
The forty teens are given Tshirts, gloves and garbage bags but are not told where they are likely to find bottles or other recyclables.  15 year old Paul Numrich of Red Deer after the experience said he did get lots of looks of contempt from passersby as he and his colleagues went through dumpsters or asked passing motorists or restaurant operators for used milk jugs.
The group was urged on by organizer Byron Bradley who is hoping the experience finding and cashing in the bottles helps these young people understand the dilemmas of those marginalized in our society.
The group earned $30 for two hours work, or about $3.33 each and they had to buy lunch with it that day.  Some of the participants plan to now enter careers in outreach work and some even plan foreign missions.

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