We Need NJ to Advocate!

From the Alliance for Children and Families:

We want to make sure that Congress addresses the special health care needs of children as they approach broader health care reform. In partnership with American Academy of Pediatrics, First Focus, the National Association of Children’s Hospitals, and Voices for America’s Children we have crafted a sign-on letter for national, state, and local organizations that urges Congress to address children’s health as they consider large-scale health care reform.
The letter is available online here: http://www.alliance1.org/Public_Policy/Health/Child_HealthReform_Nov08.pdf

We need more signatures from New Jersey, which is why I wanted to reach out tothe NJSACC Afterschool Network. Of course, children’s health is relevant to afterschool providers, and all organizations that work with youth. Would tour afterschool organization please read the above leter and please consider signing on! We need NJ organizations to be represented!

How to sign on:

To sign on your organization, please send your:
* name
* organization (as it should be listed)
* address including state
* phone number
* email address

To Helen Eisner, heisner@alliance1.org. We are particularly focused on adding signatures from New Jersey! Please send this information on to colleagues and other partners in the state!

Helen Eisner | Policy Analyst

Alliance for Children and Families

United Neighborhood Centers of America

1001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 601 | Washington, DC 20036

t. 202-429-0400 x21 | 1-800-220-1016 x21

f. 202-429-0178 | HEisner@alliance1.org

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