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225 Registered Already-Do Not Be Closed Out!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008


Register early-do not be closed out this year!

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Adding More Time for Learning

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Education Week is hosting a chat about additional learning time this week.

More information at,
This Week’s Live Chat is:

Adding More Time for Learning
When: Wednesday, September 24, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Eastern time.
Submit questions in advance.

Please join us for this online chat to talk about why schools, districts, and states are adding—or thinking about adding—more time to their school days or years.

Nationwide, educators and policymakers are talking more frequently about the need for more learning time to enable students to build the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as adults. It’s a topic that resonates 25 years after the seminal A Nation At Risk report, which cautioned against a “rising tide of mediocrity” in education and called for more time in school—among other things—to turn that tide.

About the guests:
Gretchen E. Bueter is the principal of Grove Patterson Academy in Toledo, Ohio. This regular K-8 school uses an 8-hour day and a 192-day school year so students and teachers have the time to tackle an interdisciplinary approach to learning that includes art, music, and foreign language for every child.

An-Me Chung oversees expanded school-based learning programs, after-school programs, and community partnerships as a program officer for the C.S. Mott Foundation in Flint, Mich. The foundation has funded after-school programs for many years, and convened a commission that produced the 2007 report “A New Day for Learning,” which calls for a rethinking of children’s learning time.

Spread the Word – The NJ 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Spread the Word – The NJ 2NDFLOOR Youth Helpline

On 9/01/08, the NJ 2NDFLOOR YOUTH HELPLINE launched statewide and became available to all youth and young adults (ages 10-24) who reside in the State of New Jersey – This “Anytime, Anything, Anywhere” Youth Helpline operates seven days a week / 24 hours a day.

To download 2ND FLOOR posters, brochures, banners, etc. visit

The NJ 2NDFLOOR YOUTH HELPLINE is a Statewide, 24-hour, interactive telephone line for youth and young adults (ages 10-24), staffed by counseling professionals and specially trained volunteers. The overall goal of this initiative is to promote healthy youth development by providing immediate interactive, respectful professional helpline services with linkage to information and services that address the social and health needs of youth.

The Helpline offers:

* information, education and crisis counseling by telephone and/or email to youth and young adult callers on issues such as gang intervention, suicide, sexual orientation / identity issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, and domestic violence;
* information and education regarding issues affecting youth;
* guidance in formulating a comprehensive plan to address identified issue(s)/problem(s);
* referral information about local agencies and organizations that may offer additional or more intensive services and telephone assisted linkage to provider(s) when indicated;
* follow-up services, such as counseling and verification of linkage to service providers, when authorized by caller;
* caring support and reassurance to youth; and
* supportive services to parents and/or guardians.

Professional Staff and Trained Volunteers

2NDFLOOR provides coverage by trained, masters and bachelors level, professional staff and by a dedicated group of trained volunteers. 2NDFLOOR has structured policies and protocols in place to screen and assist callers, perform risk assessments, track data, and provide follow-up. Every person who answers the helpline follows professional and ethical standards for child abuse reporting and for responding to life threatening situations. Counselors are proficiently trained on current issues concerning youth, crisis intervention practices, local resource and referral information, and how to provide culturally sensitive, age-appropriate counseling and feedback. Counselors are also skilled in “motivational interviewing techniques,” which empower callers to articulate their options and make informed decisions. The counselors also utilize role-play and other methods designed to help callers recognize behaviors they need to address – whether in themselves or in others.

Learn more about the NJ 2NDFLOOR YOUTH HELPLINE by visiting

Children’s Photo Contest

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

The Association for Children of New Jersey announces a…

Children’s Photo Contest
Winners will have their photographs published in the New Jersey Kids Count 2009 report on child well-being. They will be recognized at a press conference in Trenton to release the publication.

The Association for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ) is seeking school classes, children’s clubs or other nonprofit groups interested in participating in a photography contest for children in the 4th through 8th grades. Approximately two dozen winning photos will be selected for publication in New Jersey Kids Count 2009.

ACNJ is seeking photos of children and families that demonstrate artistry and creativity. We are looking for photos that show a range of emotions, circumstances and activities. We also are looking for photos that help to illustrate topics in Kids Count reports, such as family economics, child health and preschool.

To keep the number of submitted photos to a manageable size, ACNJ is asking classes, clubs or other groups to first indicate their interest in the contest. From those groups that express interest, we will select several from different parts of the state to participate. Children in the selected groups will have until January 15 to submit photos.

This is a great opportunity for children to practice taking pictures on a certain theme and to have the chance to get their pictures published!

Here’s how it will work:

If you are interested in having your class, club or group participate, please fill out the attached brief form and email it back to ACNJ by October 10.

We will notify you by mid-October which groups have been selected to participate. Our main selection criteria will be geographic diversity among the groups and whether the teacher or adult leader of the project can commit to having children take photos per the contest guidelines.

Selected groups will have until January 15 to submit their best photos.

ACNJ will select the winning photographs by spring. The winning photographs will be published in New Jersey Kids Count 2009. The winning photographers will be recognized at the press conference in Trenton to release the report.

Here’s what we will be looking for from groups that participate in the contest:

Children in 4th- through 8th-grades are eligible to submit photos for the contest. Each photo will need to be accompanied by a sheet giving names and contact information of each person in the photo and the signed permission of the parents of any children pictured. Each photo will also need to have a release form certifying that the photo will become the property of ACNJ.

All photos need to be on the general subject of children or families with children in New Jersey. We hope to get a wide range of photos, both posed and candid. Photos may be of children alone, with other children, with their families or engaged in everyday activities. That could include children at school, doing homework, eating a meal, visiting their family’s doctor, playing a sport or playing outside in their neighborhood. We are also seeking photos we receive concern particular topics covered in Kids Count: family demographics, family economics, affordable housing, child and maternal health, child welfare, child care, early childhood education, and K-12 education.

For more ideas, we encourage you to view the kinds of photographs and other illustrations we have used in past years. Please click here for past issues of New Jersey Kids Count or go and click on the Kids Count logo on the bottom right side.

We hope to include classes or groups from around the state! Please show your interest by completing the attached form.

For more information, please contact:
Maia Davis
Communications Director
Association for Children of New Jersey
35 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07102
phone: 973-643-3876, ext. 204
cell: 201-396-4444
fax: 973-643-9153

Children’s Photo Contest notification of interest
Please return this completed form to ACNJ by October 10, 2008.

My class or group would like to participate in ACNJ’s Children’s Photo Contest!

Name of class teacher or group leader_______________________________________

Name of school, club or organization________________________________________

Mailing address of school or club___________________________________________

Phone number of teacher or group leader:________________________________

Cell number or other alternate number:____________________________________

Email address:__________________________________________________________

Grade levels of children who would participate:______________________________

Approximate number of children in class or club who would participate:_________

Brief description of any experience of the teacher or group leader in teaching children photography:____________________________________________________



Please return completed form by October 10, 2008, to or via fax at 973-643-9153.
For more information, call or email Maia Davis, Communications Director at ACNJ. Phone: 973-643-3876, ext. 204. Cell: 201-396-4444.

Thank you for your interest!

Step Up For Kids!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

 Step Up For Kids!

Thousands of children in New Jersey live in poverty, have no health insurance, lack access to quality preschool, or are abused or neglected. These children have been largely invisible in the 2008 campaigns and related media coverage.

The well-being of children is critical to the future of New Jersey and our nation. But children cannot vote. They have no public platform to speak for themselves. We need to step up for them.

Now is a good time to do that. Today, September 16, is Step Up for Kids Day, a nonpartisan, nationwide event to draw attention to issues affecting America’s children. The goal is to push presidential and congressional candidates to raise the profile of children’s issues in the national dialogue.

The public needs to hear more from candidates about their plans for addressing critical problems for children. Please send an email to the candidates for president, the U.S. Senate, and in your congressional district, urging them to make children’s needs a priority.

You may also be interested in what some children ages 6 to 18 have to say to candidates about what matters most to them. We encourage you to view their videos at
Thank you from ,
The Association for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ)

ACNJ is the state’s foremost child research and advocacy organization. For almost 30 years ACNJ has advocated for policies and programs that improve the lives of children and families in New Jersey. Over the years, ACNJ’s issues have expanded from child welfare and juvenile justice to include early care and education, health and support for low-income families.


Register on their site for Advocacy Alerts!  Just a click away you can make your voice heard!  It could not be easier!