A Walking School Bus

A Walking School Bus
is a group of children walking to and from school with one or more adults. It can be as informal as two families walking together. Or, it can be more formally structured with an established walking route, meeting points (stops), timetable and schedule of trained parent volunteers or walking bus “drivers” who can take turns during the week to share responsibility. If you are interested in hosting a free* walking school bus training workshop in your community, the following information will help you understand what you will be learning and what you need to provide.

About the Walking School Bus Training:

This is training that is specific to developing a walking school bus. We will cover:
•    How to start your own Walking School Bus Program
•    How to plan walking school bus routes, including a field exercise on conducting walkability assessments
•    Volunteer recruitment & training
•    Promoting the program and registering kids
•    Evaluation

By the end of this training, participants will have the tools to be able to plan and organize an effective Walking School Bus program in their own communities.

What you will need:

Those interested in hosting a walking school bus training event must provide:
•    12-30 participants in an event open to the region if not the entire state
•    A location within a school targeted to have a walking school bus (or a nearby facility).
•    The facility should have the ability to host a PowerPoint presentation and be able to sit 12-30 people comfortably
•    Student Addresses (names withheld) in an electronic format (spreadsheet)for the route planning exercise
•    Crossing guard locations and hours
•    An agreement between the municipality and the school that both parties support the program and will be involved

•    Provide refreshments and childcare
•    Addresses and schedules for volunteers
•    Addresses for children who are already interested

For More Information Please Contact:
Leigh Ann Von Hagen at SRTS@rci.rutgers.edu or (732) 932-6812 ext. 613

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