Free Parents’ Guide from the U.S. Department of Education

“Free Parents’ Guide from the U.S. Department of Education”
The U. S. Department of Education has developed a publication, “Empowering Parents School Box: A Tool To Equip Parents For the School Year,” that it is distributing free of charge. The school box contains three booklets: What Parents Need to Know, Taking a Closer Look, and Learning Checklists; a brochure: Examples of Resources; a poster: Empowered Parents Stay Involved With School; a bookmark; and a door hanger. The school box provides tips on working with children from birth to high school; guidelines for taking advantage of free tutoring opportunities; steps for selecting a high-quality school; ways to get involved in children’s schools; information about financial aid and scholarships; and resources for improving learning. It also includes success stories of schools where parent involvement made a difference.

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