6 hours of Training in 2 days !

Directions to the Johnson Education Center where there will be 6 hours of training in 2 days!

When: July 15 & 16, 2008
Johnson Education Center in Princeton, NJ
Directions: CLICK HERE
Time: 10am-2pm
$20 per person per day (fee includes lunch)

Deadline to register is Friday, July 11, 2008

You may attend one or both days – it’s up to you!


Where has All the Laughter Gone?
Kids today are living in a world that brings trauma, crisis, and violence to their life through various modalities. But what about laughter, whimsy and just plain old fun? How do you bring this essential ingredient to life’s success to the kids? Bringing laughter to you program daily can help you and the kids understand each other, build self-esteem and forge better relationships with their peers.
Cecilia Aerstin, Director of Special Projects, NJSACC

Positive Discipline
We all have difficult situations and behaviors that can be hard to manage. Many issues and problems can be handled by making changes to the afterschool environment. Learn tips and strategies to put the necessary supports in place to make positive changes in your program!
Christine Corriston, LIC SW, Quality Advisor, NJSACC


Imagine: Afterschool Space that Works

This interactive workshop will explore the components of quality indoor space design for afterschool programs.
Participants will be exposed to a variety of resources and techniques.
This workshop is based on the book Imagine: Afterschool Space That Works, written by Mav Pardee and published by NJSACC. You will receive a copy of the book to take home with you and put to work in your program.
Sarah Cruz, Enrichment Support Specialist, NJSACC

Designing and Implementing Activities for 4th -8th Graders

So you’ve got your space all set up, right? Now what?
Everyone knows that you’ve got to hook the older children with something different and exciting to keep them interested and invested.
This workshop will help you work on bringing in activities that will keep them your children engaged and involved.
Sarah Cruz, Enrichment Support Specialist, NJSACC
Christine Corriston, LIC SW, Quality Advisor, NJSACC


Registration Form for July 15 and 16, 2008 Trainings

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Wednesday, July 15 and /or Thursday July 16


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Registrations may be faxed to 908-789-4237 or mailed to NJSACC, 231 North Avenue West #363, Westfield, NJ 07090. No Walk-in registrations please!
The fee for this training is $20 per day per person which includes lunch.
Cancellations must be made on or before July 11, 2008.
No refunds will be given after July 11, 2008 regardless of attendance.

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