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Afterschool for All Challenge

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008


Are you planning on attending and joining the NJ delegation? If so let me know so we can be in touch prior to the event!
Diane Genco @

7th Annual Afterschool for All ChallengeMake plans to join the 7th Annual Afterschool for All Challenge. The Afterschool for All Challenge will bring together afterschool staff, administrators, advocates and youth from all over the country. Join us at Washington DC’s Grand Hyatt Hotel for two days of workshops, networking, meetings with Congressional offices and celebrations of afterschool. Day One of the Afterschool for All Challenge will consist of panels and forums on all the latest afterschool topics, a training to prepare you for meetings with Capitol Hill offices and a networking reception. Day Two will begin with the famed Breakfast of Champions, where we will honor afterschool all stars, celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Initiative and hear from congressional afterschool champions. Following the breakfast, we will meet with Members of Congress and staff to discuss the importance of afterschool and the need for continued investment.For this year’s Afterschool for All Challenge we are especially excited to partner with the National League of Cities and their National City Afterschool Summit. City officials, superintendents, school board members, and afterschool providers will have the chance to share ideas and strategies for ensuring the growth of quality afterschool programs.Register now for the Afterschool for All Challenge. To make hotel reservations at the Grand Hyatt, call 202-582-1234 or 800-233-1234. A block of rooms is reserved at the rate of $245 per night. Be sure to mention that you’re part of the Afterschool Alliance block.CLICK HERE TO VIEW AGENDA
We look forward to seeing you on May 13th and 14th. Feel free to contact us with any questions at (202) 347-2030 or

CODE OF ETHICS for the Afterschool Field

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

NJSACC is asking you, a to comment on the proposed CODE OF ETHICS for the Afterschool Field.

NAA ( National AfterSchool Association) has developed a draft Code of Ethics for professionals working in the afterschool field and we need your help to finalize it.

Special thanks to Selma Goore and Denise Sellers from NJ, they were part of the national task force that worked very hard on drafting this document.

So let NJ’s voice be heard and take a moment to read through the CODE OF ETHICS at the following link:

And then answer a short survey for NAA:


Legal Issues for Afterschool

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Legal Issues in Afterschool

Legal Issues in Afterschool Training

NJASCC is hosting


When: Friday, May 16th, 2008
10 am-3 pm

Where: First Baptist Church of Westfield
170 Elm Street
Westfield, NJ

Presented by : Ronald V. McGuckin and Associates

Cost: $65 , includes materials and lunch



PLEASE FAX TO: 908.789.4237
QUESTIONS ? call us @ 908.789.0259



Program Address:________________________________________________

City:______________________________________ State:_____________ Zip:_________


Afterschool Program:________________________________________

Number of youth served:_______
The Cost is $65 per person.

Make checks payable to NJSACC. POs and credit cards are accepted as well.
Amount enclosed:
Check Number/ or Purchase Order Number #:_____________________________
Credit Card #:___________________________________________
Please circle one: Visa or Mastercard Expiration Date:______________
Name on Card:_________________________________________________
Zip Code for Credit Card Billing Address:____________________________

Mail payment with original registration form to:
231 North Avenue West #363
Westfield, NJ 07090

Last day to REGISTER, May 10th, 2008
Payment may be accepted on day of training or mailed to the address above.
Substitutions may be made at any time. No refunds will be given after May 10th.

Afterschool Storybook

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

The Afterschool Alliance is looking for
nominations for the Afterschool Storybook, commemorating the 10th
anniversary of the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers
initiative. We have already received some amazing submissions, thanks
to your efforts. The Storybook will feature people whose lives have
been improved through afterschool programs over the last decade. Our
goal is to have several compelling stories from each state. We will be
promoting the Storybook to media nationally and locally when it is
unveiled this September.

To nominate an entry, send a brief email with the person’s name, email,
phone number and a quick synopsis of his/her story to me or to Marie
Coichy at

If accepted, we will work with the nominee to add her/his photo and
accompanying story to the Storybook.

Ideas for Nominees: We are looking for diversity of every kind in our
stories, so people from big cities and small towns, of every race, age
and discipline, and with stories of all kinds. Examples might be:
— A graduate student who became inspired to study engineering or
international affairs or medicine because of her/his experience in
— A student who was in trouble (using illegal substances, etc.) until
an afterschool program turned her/him around
— A student in an afterschool program now who is doing an exciting and
unusual service learning or cultural awareness project there
— An educator who was burned out, but later reinvigorated by her/his
experience at an afterschool program
— A business leader who has made a commitment to mentor students and
finds it incredibly rewarding
— A senior citizen who volunteers at an afterschool program and has
made a real difference in students’ lives
— A health professional who reached families with obesity/diabetes
problems, or something like that, through intervention from afterschool
program leaders

But do not be constrained by those examples, please think broadly about
all the people afterschool programs affect.

We won’t be able to do significant vetting, or check for criminal
records, so we will count on you to help us find people who are above

Thank you for considering this, and helping us brainstorm candidates!
We think this is a very exciting project that will help us tell the
stories of afterschool in new and compelling ways. We appreciate your
ideas and support!

Thank you,

Ursula Helminski | VP, External Affairs | Afterschool Alliance


Monday, April 21st, 2008

NJSACC invites you to be part the next Open Discussion Call for the National Network of Statewide
Afterschool Networks will be, APRIL 24 from 1:00 2:00pm Eastern
Time. The topic is: Summer Learning.

Ron Fairchild from the Center for Summer Learning at John Hopkins
will share about the current status of summer learning and discuss
the linkages between afterschool and summer learning.



Access: 986-4957

Our next Open Discussion call is scheduled for MAY 22 at 1:00pm ET –
this call will be the regular check-in for Network Leads.

Thank you!

Becky Gibbons
Collaborative Communications Group
1029 Vermont Avenue, NW
Ninth Floor
Washington, DC 20005
202-986-4958 (fax)