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Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences , at Rutgers University  , New Brunswick, NJ

Announces  a  Minor in Professional Youth Work (19-21 Credits)

The certificate program is intended to expand career options for students, whatever their majors may be. Employment opportunities include human services, community development, youth programs in public, private, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and teaching opportunities in a variety of environmental education/science centers and non-school settings. The certificate is administered through the Education Program in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

The program addresses the growing need for educated professionals to work with youth in structured organizations. There are about 3,800 local, state, and national organizations in the United States that focus on the development of youth, some of which are “prevention” oriented while others utilize “intervention” strategies. Eleven of the major national youth organizations serve some 25 million youth, provide full-time employment for over 30,000 staff members, and offer more than 3,000 job openings annually.

The certificate program includes academic and experiential learning and draws upon educational pedagogy, sociology, and psychology to prepare students to address complex problems in youth, family and community services. More specifically, the program, which is interdisciplinary and applied in nature, provides a foundation in (a) individual and family development and functioning in the community and societal context; (b) contemporary issues facing youth, families and communities; and (c) policies and programs designed to prevent or alleviate concerns related to youth development and family issues. Students also acquire, in conjunction with the School’s general education requirements and leadership development opportunities, critical intervention skills in interpersonal communication, program planning, leadership, social policy, applied research and evaluation and community-based education.

For further information, contact Rebecca Jordan, 209 Waller Hall, 932-732-932-9164,

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