MicroSociety Conference

MicroSociety, Inc, is holding its 15th Annual National
 Conference on Real-World Learning this year in Tucson,
AZ.  This year will have a strong focus on after-school
 in the elementary and middle school.  We expected about
 250 people to attend from around the country.

MicroSociety, Inc.’s 15th Annual Conference on Real
World Learning
Real World Learning: Education for the 21st Century
 When: July 8th-July 11th
Where: Hilton El Conquistador
           Tucson, AZ

Here’s a link to the conference site:

 *Addressing 21st Century Skills though After-School
 * Enrichment
 *Middle School Makeoever – After-School Edition
 *Developing and Sustaining Business and Community
 * After-School Partners

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