Bikes Belong Offers Funding for Bicycle Advocacy and Facilities

Deadline: Quarterly

Bikes Belong ( ) is a national coalition
of bicycle suppliers and retailers working together to put more
people on bicycles more often.

Bikes Belong welcomes grant applications from organizations and
agencies within the United States that are committed to “putting
more people on bicycles more often.” The Bikes Belong Grants
Program funds projects in two categories: 1) facilities; and 2)

For the facility category, Bikes Belong will accept applications
from nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and departments at
the national, state, regional, and local levels. For the advocacy
category, Bikes Belong will only fund organizations whose mission
is expressly related to bicycle advocacy.

New organizations that are not yet legally nonprofit
organizations may submit an application with the assistance of
another nonprofit that has agreed to serve as fiscal agent. Bikes
Belong will not fund individuals. Because of the program’s
limited funds, it rarely awards grants to organizations and
communities that have received Bikes Belong funding within the
last three years.

Applicants can request up to $10,000. In very limited cases,
Bikes Belong will consider amounts over $10,000. The organization
awards an average of fifteen grants per year.

Bikes Belong reviews applications on a quarterly cycle.
Applications must be postmarked by the due date to receive
consideration for the ensuing decision date. Upcoming application
deadlines are August 27, 2007; and November 26, 2007.

Visit the program’s Web site for complete application

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