Games For Halloween

NJSACC has received several calls for Halloween activities !  Do you have any you wish to share?  Email them to

Here are some simple ones we came up with  @ NJSACC ,the last game was one from an 11 year old!

Mummy Race:

You’re going to need a lot of toilet paper!

Everyone pairs off with a partner. One person in the team wraps the other person in their team with toilet paper for a certain amount of time… 2 or 3 minutes is good. No need for winners !   Everyone has fun!

Who’s the Ghost ?

You need  1 large  white sheet

 Divide the group into 2.  Take one group into the hall and place the sheet over one of the kids. Help the ghost back into the room with the rest of their group. The other group must guess who is the ghost. They can ask questions that require a yes or no answer…

Halloween Freeze Dance:

 Play Halloween party music or creepy sound effects and tell the children to dance.When you turn off the music, they all need to freeze. Whoever is caught moving during the freeze is sits down .  When the music starts again  the dancers tag those sitting down to unfreeze them !  So everyone plays again !

For a fun variation on this game, tell the children they will need to pose in the Halloween shape you will have called out during the previous freeze.  Then let the children have a turn calling out their  shapes !Some fun shapes could be: black cat; pumpkin; broomstick; mummy; bat; etc.

Trick-or-Treat Memory Game:

In turn each child begins by saying “I went trick or treating and I collected…”, and then in alphabetical order each child adds to the list. Naturally, each subsequent child needs to add to the list and repeat the letters prior to his or her turn. For example, the third child might say, “I collected C – a cat; B – a Bat; A an apple. Friends can help with this game, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to the last person.

Left and Right Pumpkin Story:

 Gather a group of children today…have them create a Halloween story that repeatedly uses the words “left” and “right”. For example, “On Halloween night, Maria  left for trick or treating. Right away she ran into her friend Dennis  as she made a right turn at the corner. He was holding his trick or treat bag in his right hand.” At your party, have the children sit in a circle and give one of them a pumpkin. As you read the story, they need to pass the pumpkin to the person seated next to them as the words left or right are spoken. Read the story quickly and watch them giggle as they try to keep up with the directions.

A Gruesome Guessing Game! (submitted by Carl Keane , age 11)

Perhaps your children in your program can add to it !

This fun activity is a game. Ahead of time, prepare the cups that are described below. You have to have a room dark so that people cannot see what’s inside of the cups. Each guest needs a paper and pencil. Now this is a guessing game. The cups will be passed around in darkness so people can FEEL what’s inside. You’ll recite a spooky story as the cups are passed. The guests write down what they think is REALLY in the cup. (Either list the “body parts” on the paper or turn on the lights between each round so people can write down their guesses.) DO NOT TELL THEM WHAT’S IN THE CUPS!!!!
How to Play
Have everyone sit in a circle. Pass out the paper and pencils and explain the guessing game. Then shut out the lights and start the story.

        Once in this town
        There lived a man named Brown.
        T’was years ago this very night
        That he died out of spite.
        They say these are his remains.

        Here is his brain, which now feels no pain.
            Pass around a cup with something like a wet squishy tomato inside it.
        Here are his eyes, still frozen with surprise.
            Pass the second cup which hold two frozen peeled grapes.
        Here is his heart. Be careful lest it start !
            Pass around a cup with a large lump of uncooked liver.
        Now we have his hair, which once was so fair !
            This cup contains a handful of corn silk or wet fur or yarn.
        Feel these drops of his blood. All the rest turned to mud.
            A cup with a little catsup thinned with warm water.
        One hand all alone, just rotting flesh and bone.
            A damp plastic glove filled with mud or ice.
        Now touch his ear. He nevermore will hear!
            Pass around a cup holding a dried apricot.
        Here are his teeth, they will never chatter!
            Pass around  a cup unpopped pop-corn .          
        This is his nose. T’will never smell a rose.
            Use a soft piece of chicken bone.
        These worms are all that’s left to feel. For them Brown was a lovely meal!
            Pass around a cup filled with wet, cooked spaghetti noodles with a little vegetable oil mixed in.

After the lights back on and everyone has finished writing down their guesses, collect the papers. As you check their guesses, you can show everyone what was really in the cups. Give a nice prize to the person with the most correct answers.

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