Mapping: A YouthLearn Recipe for Brainstorming

Have you tried mapping out your ideas to jumpstart curriculum and project planning for the fall? YouthLearn’s guide to using graphic organizers (see also our info about webbing) can get you started. Mapping is a simple and wonderfully versatile technique that you can use with your colleagues and kids for brainstorming, organizing thoughts, and generating ideas. They can be used to define a curriculum, plan a project, select a theme, develop a simple story or to add energy and enthusiasm to a repetition-based exercise such as pattern writing. Whether you’re doing a project with the whole class, breaking up into teams or working on individual projects, mapping should be a part of almost every group activity–and you should do lots of group activities. The reason is practical as well as philosophical. If you allow group members to suggest their own ideas and make their own decisions (within the parameters of your educational goals, of course), they will be much more engaged, positive and enthusiastic than if you make all the decisions yourself…


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